Beauty and Health Supplements

Welcome my name is Cedric and this is My Journey. Your Gain! 

I will be posting Beauty and Health Supplement products and discounts from all over the web here. If there are any products that you are interested in me reviewing or asking my opinion on please let me know. 

I plan to challenge you and encourage if you would like to take this journey together. 

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Some of my favorites are the Herbalife Shakes they taste great and the make me feel better! 

The Herbalife Fiber. A great Fiber Supplement that comes in Apple flavor. Taste great alone! 

My beauty supplement selection is the Herbalife Skin Collagen Beauty Booster Strawberry Lemonade Antiaging Drink

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My favorite Green Tea Supplement!! I just found out that it is on Amazon. Even better I have never seen it cheaper anywhere!

Come in regular and Maximum Strength. I use the Maximum strength one.

Beauty and Health Supplements 

Hello and thank you for coming to my Beauty and Health Supplements Page. This page is apart of my passion of health and nutrition. As a part of full and healthy life we I believe that we live in an age where being obesity and bad healthy because of our diet and lifestyle should be a thing of the past


  • We have so much information about what causes to be unhealthy
  • We have so many great Supplements out there for Weight management, Weight loss, and General Health
  • There are so many Fun, Easy, and Traditional ways of staying active 
  • The Explosion of Cooking machines that are super and kitchen products that make Healthy Cooking easy and Tasty 
  • Apps that help us to Stay on track , reach health goals , and more Aware of what is going on with our diets , exercise and bodies.

Over the years I was intrigued that there are also so many Beauty Supplements that help with general health but also claim to have a beauty aspect to them. 

I have yet to investigate this claim nor have I tried these products. So I will be talking to people who do use these Beauty and Health Supplements to see what they think of them. As well as trying them myself. I don’t think I will melt. πŸ™‚

My Health and Wellness Journey and Knowledge

Hello my name is Cedric. A 41 year old veteran of the United States Army. I have been using Health and Nutrition Supplements since 2001. Much of what I know came through much pain. I could of named this section the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Because what I am about to share with you is all of that. But I know that someone else has gone through what I have been through and even more so. I also know that these things that I am about to speak to you about are major factors of why people like myself have had bad health and obesity. 

I will be going into these things more deeply and solutions for these major issues! I am excited to share my experience , the solutions that I have found and look to you for your incite as well.

What I do not want to do is make excuses. But what I must do is lay out the facts of life.

  • Sedentary Lifestyles
  • Work and Job Obligations 
  • Toxic Relationships 
  • Stress
  • How your Geographical location may affect your Healthy
  • Not getting enough sleep, Sleep problems
  • Family Heredity
  • Caring for others and Not yourself
  • Finances 
  • Love Weight: You love each other so much you eat too much πŸ™‚
  • And simply Overcoming yourself and your bad habits πŸ™‚ 

These things run in circles and they build on each other like an Avalanche. They come down on us and as we get older it can be more difficult to break down those bad habits and overcome. As our metabolism begins to slow down and we get use to living a certain way. 

Beauty and Health Supplements
Me on Left October 2015

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Bad First

I understand being unhealthy and also overweight. In 2006 after living a sedentary lifestyle in both my job and home life I was diagnosed with High cholesterol and high blood sugar or pre-Diabetes . I was 29 years old with this deadly combination being diagnosed by my doctor.

So I had no recourse but to change my life fast. I will share with you some of the Supplements that helped to save and change my life below. 


Note: The Pictures you are about to see Document my up and Down Weight Loss. Now it is time to put a nail in this bad health coffin and bring everything together in my life!

Over the last 13 years it has been a very up and down battle I must admit. In the next 3 months after the diagnosis I lost 35 pounds to be at a pretty awesome weight. I was 6-2 and 195 pretty close to my BMI etc. All the good health indicators. My Cholesterol and Blood sugar levels were down in a safe range and I was moving in the right direction.

My up and down Weight Loss Journey

Me February 2015ο»Ώ

Me February 2015

But I tell you my weight has and my health has been up and down. Can I be honest with you? A toxic marriage partner turned what was supposed to be love and synergy into a very stressful divisive battle at home. On top of me overcoming a mental health diagnosis that I later came to believe was actually a spiritual attack.

Thankfully I have overcome those things!!! 

My Weight loss journey

Me August 2015 πŸ˜‰

My Health and Wellness Journey
Me January 2019. Looks like My Mug Shot. I didn’t Do it! πŸ™‚

The Ugly

I think I still look good πŸ˜‰ . But I know my time to change is now. The medication , the stress, and long hard hours at work took a toll on my health. 

Truth Point: Last year I weighed in the heaviest in my life at 280 pounds. My knees buckled. My feet hurt and I just felt awful at times. 

Over the last few months since I took those pictures I look at least 5% better! I may go as high as 10% better. The last week I began to regularly exercise and change my diet. My pants are falling down on my walks! So even though the scale has not reflected much weight loss, about two pounds.

I am losing waste line and I feel MUCH BETTER! 

The Light! 

So I decided to Go all in on my health and wellness. I seperated from my wife in 2018 only to bring her back into my home so that I could spend time with my son. But I have learned to overcome our broken relationship to focus on what is important until I separate and divorce her at the right time.

But what do I have other than my health and wellness? So I decided to go all in on my health. I purchased some of the same Supplements that helped me lose weight in 2006 at the beginning of 2019. They absolutely made me feel better.

The Knoweldge and the Benefits

* OPC-3 helped my knees feel better. The discomfort was GONE. I felt brand new all over

* B-12 Gave me that great energy feel. I love Coffee but I did not need it to start my day. 

* Herbalife and tasty Shakes and Fiber products helped me to stay natural lower my cholesterol, Blood Sugar and start my day in great HypoGlycemic way. Which is super important when managing or losing weight along with keeping your health indicators good and great!

* Iaso Tea is the cool way to slim down Quick or Slow

* Green Tea Pills help me during long hours at work when I needed more good energy and to cut my appetite at work

* Other Days I use MochaTonix Cocoa drink to do the same thing job of providing great energy, cutting my appetite, and boosting my metabolism.

* GNC Supplements were super in my daily life as well

* I learned how to try different things to see what was best for me

* Also having different weapons to use keep your mind moving and hits different parts of your dietary and health needs

4 thoughts on “Beauty and Health Supplements”

  1. I also have a health supplement site and I have to say that investing in your health with supplements is totally worth it. All the energy and focus you gain from natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables in ground up form that is easy to eat or drink because it is made to taste better is so awesome. What is your favorite supplement?

  2. This was an article full of useful advice and tips from your own experiences in addition to the other information that can help us make better decisions when it comes to health, beauty, and supplements. I liked the way you went from mini-story to mini-story, and it was effective for me to see what each area was highlighting.

    It seems like the path and journey you are on has been helped by the additions of the supplements and foods/drinks that you are using and recommending, and how they have helped you is a testament as to the power they offer the person that chooses to add them to their lifestyle. 

    Thanks for putting this together. Is there one or a few supplements that you would recommend over any other for us to consider adding to our lifestyle? There are so many options out there, it can help to find the one or two that will make the most impact.  


    • Hey Dave thanks for the compliment. It was fun writing this and sharing this. I sure hoped that it would be effective in communicating to others to not make the same mistakes as me. Plus to give people hope who may have went down the same road as me. 

      Right of the bat I would definitely say if I would recommend 1 or 2 products for general health. I would recommend OPC-3 Antioxidant which attacks radicals and just makes you feel better all over. Great for blood flow for guys too if you know what I mean? πŸ™‚ . You can check it out here on Amazon .

      Also I would say Fiber. Fiber hits so many important areas. Digestion, Lowering Blood Sugar, Lowering Cholesterol, Helping us feel fuller, and just better. Herbalife has a great Fiber product. You can purchase it here

      Right now I have sale going on. If you use code FOOTBALL FAN you will get 20% off your order of $55 or more. Thanks for business! 

      I hope you enjoy the products. Live long and Prosper!!! 


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