High Times at the 2019 Metro Cruise in Wyoming Michigan

We look forward to it every year and this year did not Disappoint. Check out the Sites and Scenes! 


The energy in Wyoming , Mi on this day was super. Young, Old, and a very diverse group of people. Laughing, ooohs and awwws. Dancing and enjoying a Beautiful Summer day in Michigan. Come on out and enjoy it with us next year!


There was very tasty Jet 's Pizza, El Cunada Tacos. Ohhh soo good. Hamburgers, Popcorn, and Fresh Grilled Ribs to name a few. Some Good eating I tell you!


The People of the Grand Rapids Area are indeed one of the great assets here. There were no fights, or fussing, or violence. Just mutual love and respect. They know how to have a good time!

2019 Metro Cruise Red Car
2019 Metro Cruise Sweet little car
2019 Metro Cruise Hot Rod Yellow Car
Sweet Vintage Car
Sweet Vintage Car
Sweet Black Vintage Car
Nice Vintage Car and Engine
Green Vintage Car
Sweet Vintage Car Engine

We ARe Proud Excellent People

The spirit of America in the Midwest is surely in focus at the Metro Cruise each year. Vintage cars that people have rebuilt and remodeled painstakingly. Newer cars that are pimped out and souped up to please the crowds of onlookers. 

This never gets tired! 

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