Avon Holiday up to 50% Off Sale: Catch the goodness!

Get up to 50% off your purchase of select Avon makeup, skincare, and bath and body products

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Avon Beauty Sale


Avon Holiday up to 50% Off Sale: Catch the goodness!

Catch the goodness of this Avon Holiday up to 50% off sale . There are some very nice highly rated products that you can grab at a super price. This sale is on select makeup, skincare, and bath and body items. There is no indication on how long this sale will be going on. So take advantage of it now!

Items that caught my eye right of the bat.

The Anew Power Serum regular price is $40. It is on sale for $22.99

More details on the ultimate anti aging product Anew Power Serum

Let ‘s Makeup Beauty Set Regular Price $33 . Sale Price $7.99

Anew Brightening Sheet Mask with Pearl Essence Regular Price $30. On sale for $3.99

Anew Calming Clay Mask Regular Price $16 . Sale Price $9.99

Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Triple-Phase Body Oil Regular Price $20. Sale Price $10.99

Avon Senses Juicy Pomegranate and Mango Body Spray Regular Price $10. On sale for $4.99


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12 thoughts on “Avon Holiday up to 50% Off Sale: Catch the goodness!”

  1. Everywhere is discount supply. it’s extremely fascinating that someone should purchase up to fifty percent discounted worth. it’s extremely vast discount. I hope many folks can get and take this discount chance.

    Many people search the net for discounted product. however a high quality whole with discounted worth is nice alternative for many of the individuals. I feel this text is useful for those individuals

  2. Hello and thank you for your post. I am planning on buying my wife a new cosmetic set. And at the moment I am searching the biggest possible discounts, because I would like to gift her with a lot of stuff. 

    If you are saying that Avon is offering up to 50% sale, I am going to choose them for my purchase. What do you think about Avon products tough? Do you think it is something valuable and would be considered a good gift?


    • Hey I tell you that Avon products have always been known as high quality. This is still true. I use them all the time. My Father uses the mens products and the my mom uses the women ‘s products. My wife loves the products as well. I love the foot and body lotions. The shower gels. 

      Great products!!! Great prices!!! 

  3. Hey there! How are you doing? I loved this blog on Avon Holiday Sale as you’ve provided us with some valuable information. The only product which I’ve purchased previously is face mask. I see that you have this product called Anew Calming Clay Mask. I’ve tried a similar product like this before and my skin became really soft. 

    The only product I have experienced before is the clay mask and I don’t have idea about other stuff. Anyway, thanks a lot for taking your time in creating this post. Keep it up!!!

    • Ok nice there are many nice products out there on the market. If there was one facial product from Avon I would suggest that you try it is the Anew line of products. They are very very good. Thanks for the kind words! 

  4. So my wife love to shop and is always on the lookout for offers. Many thanks for sharing this 50% rebate Sale at Avon. I will point my wife in the right direction by sharing this article with her. We will be keen to use your Promo code that you’ve kindly shared. Best regards

  5. I’m kinda doubting these offers! These prices are just so insane. Well I think that is the feel good and the way of this period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Just wanted to get some clarity, if I use the coupon code WELCOME10, will I get the normal discount plus an additional discount of 10% off?

    Thank you.

  6. Thank you for bringing Avon to my attention again, I have been an Avon representative in the past. They have a great Company policy and are  taking their responsibility for a sustainable environment and they are committed to the fight against breast cancer and violence against woman. If their is one company I would buy products from, it’s Avon. I also appreciate very much that Avon respects the welfare of the animals.


    • Hello Loes! Yes Avon truly has made a commitment to helping women and men find great products while also helping women in the quality of their lives. I think Avon is a great company as well! 

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