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Welcome to the wonderful world of Avon Online! A place where you find the best beauty, cosmetics, perfume, antiaging, clothing, cologne, bath and body products and more! One thing that I find that Avon brings in volume is great products , great quality , and great value. Check , check, check.

Many people have never shopped Avon online and I am here to help you realize how awesome it is. As A Avon Representative for over a year now I go the Avon catalog online often. And I am so happy to see all of these great products listed for our customers to purchase.

Shop my Avon online store for all the newest and innovative products and super great deals!

Hello my name is Cedric and I am a Avon Representative! Welcome to my post on great ways to save on great Avon products


So this post is going to be an overview of the Avon online shopping experience. I will be going through all of the main categories and some pretty sweet product offerings that we have going on in each shopping category.

So hold on to your seat as we go through each category. At any time you can go to my Avon online store and see for yourself or skip down to a Shopping category that you are more interested in!


One of the first things many people think of when they think of Avon is skincare. Avon has for many decades been a go to company worldwide for great skincare products. Avon ‘s skincare products have great reviews and great performance. Bringing in multi millions in profit every year.

If you have not tried Avon’s skincare products or if it has been a long time I encourage you to give their products a try. There are too many categories to list here but here are some of the top beauty areas that Avon’s skincare is available for.


Here are a few product offerings that you may be interested in.


Avon Anew Sheet Mask
Avon Anew Sheet Mask


Avon anti wrinkle cream
Avon anti wrinkle cream
Avon Anew Sale
Avon Anew Sale










Avon Bath and Body Online
Avon Bath and Body Online

The Avon Bath and Body products are a mainstay of why millions of people love and shop at Avon! And these days where online shopping has become so huge Avon is has made shopping online for the top Bath and Body products very very easy and super affordable.

Avon Bath and Body Line is highlighted by the fan favorite and All Star Skin So Soft brand.

Here are the Highlighted Bath and Body Product Offerings for Avon Online:


With great options and add ons like Coupon Codes to save money and Free Shipping offers on already great prices Avon has made shopping online a great option even for personal care items.

Let ‘s face it when we think about personal care items many of us like to go to Bath and Body Works or your local grocery store Walmart, Target , or Victoria Secret etc. You do not have to worry about shipping cost and waiting for your products to come to you.

But Avon’s Skin So Soft products and other Bath and Body products are so Good and their prices before and after sale are so great that these products are right up our ally.


Sometimes the key is buying on sale or buying with Free Shipping deals. Which at times requires us to purchase at least $40 worth of products.

Avon is doing great with it ‘s sales of Bath and Body products so if you decide to shop online with Avon you are not alone. Many people have made the same decision!


Avon Makeup and Cosmetics
Avon Makeup and Cosmetics

The Third Avon shopping category that I am going to hit on is the Avon Makeup and Cosmetics line. Huge huge huge! Avon ‘s makeup and cosmetic line is the beauty juggernaut that is vivid , bold, wide ranging, adored and progressive.

Every year Avon continues to bring forth into the beauty industry new trends, innovations, and exemplary products . Presently Avon is standing out with their new True Color Beauty Line.

Avon ‘s Makeup & Cosmetics Shopping Area contains products that target:


Avon True Color Super Extend Mascara
Avon True Color Super Extend Mascara


These are some of the great things that Avon has to offer. Have you shopped Avon online lately? Jump in and have fun this Spring and Beyond!

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  1. Hello

    Nice article on Mary Kay beauty products, I have heard of this company, but I was not aware the products were even still on the market.

    Would consider writing more on these products in the future for people to be aware of the benefits of using Mary Kay products over other products of this type?

    • Hi Jeffrey! Both Avon and Mary Kay has great products! At the end of the month my wife will not be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Their company did some very non ethical things and I do not want to be associated with such things. They should be ashamed of themselves frankly. One day I will tell my story of what happened. In several ways I might add they will hear from me and others like me I am sure.

      So I am not changing my website from Mary Kay to Avon and possibly other beauty interest . Avon is up front with how they do business. Mary Kay has printed in their legal area of their website that I can create a website for their business. Yet their legal department told me that I could not. Two people in their department made me feel like a criminal.

      Avon understands that we are in 2017 and allow their Representatives to create websites and they do not lie about it. So slowly but surely I am transitioning this website. I have worked really hard on it. So I will continue to help woman find the best products online with a company that is more in line with my values and integrity !

  2. Avon has some really great products that I enjoy. I love the eye makeup and the fact that it comes at a very reasonable price. I order through a representative that I know and use the campaign books to figure out what I want. Is there more product online to choose from than the actual books?

    • Hi Elsa thanks for your imput. Glad to hear that you enjoy the Avon products. That is a great point I don ‘t think I have ever thought about.

      There is a lot more products online than they can put in a brochure.

      Another great reason to shop Avon Online!

  3. Awesome and really good to know about this. First I am happy that now I could able to inform my wife to shop online because she uses to get it from her relative and friends.

    So every time she needs the Avon makeup and Cosmetics she has to call them to make the order.

    Secondly, I just know that Avon has also products in bath and shower which I am glad to give it a try.

    • Hey Maxx yes indeed. If she already has an Avon person she can go to their website to shop. She can use Code: THANKYOU20 for 20% Off orders $50 or more until April 11th 2017!

  4. What’s your favorite Avon product? If you had to recommend only one product to a new customer, what would it be?

    I’m interested but I’m not based in the US. If only the free shipping deal applied to me! I’ve heard of how great Avon products are and I would love to try them if the price is right for the quality.

    • Hi Regina! What is my favorite Avon Product. Wow tough question. Right now I would have to say the Sofia Vergara fragrance set. It is a great product that does not disappoint. Right now if you purchase the Perfume you also get a full size shower gel and Body Lotion.

      You can view or shop it here.


      We do have Avon access in other parts of the world as well other than America. Just so you know .

  5. I have really liked the Avon cosmetics and their products. Although I have not tried all of them, this was a good review site to see if their other products are worth investing as well.The post was all about the different products they have and that really helped me decide.
    The post did help me and it was extremely informative.

  6. Wow, never knew that Avon is still out there doing good job. I have known this brand since I was a kid, even here in Indonesia. Avon was so popular, but then slowly disappearing, don’t know why. I do hope Avon is coming big again 🙂
    Do you know where else do they sell the products beside their website?


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