Beauty Blogger Business Partner Wanted: Training Provided

Bloggers Wanted!

Beauty Blogger wanted

There are not many times in life that you can do what you like or love and get paid from it. Then on top of that getting paid to work from home. As a beauty blogger for our Glowing Beauty website you will have that fantastic opportunity.

Or can I interest you in being a Featured Blogger and Talent on our NEW and Super Awesome Fashion Doll Beauty Site.

Glowing Beauty with it ‘s powerful web presence will give you the ability to share the things that you love about the world of beauty and other things in your life. While also being financially rewarded for your work, your expertise, and your unique point of view that only you can give.

So what Is Involved with the Beauty Blogging Position

The beauty blogging positions that I have available are varied. I am looking for 3 beauty bloggers to come on to my team. You can be a business partner or guest blogger. In the business partner role and to a lesser extent the guess blogging role. You will be giving much freedom to create the content that you want to create.

Although this is a post for a Beauty Blogger. I have over 20 websites in different categories that you can inquire about as well!

For more details you can contact me at

I look forward to chatting with you and making a big splash!

Yours Truly, Cedric

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