Beauty Business Award Bonus

Become a Beauty Consultant
Become a Beauty Consultant



The Mary Kay Business is a super way to enjoy life and to make extra income off of the booming beauty and cosmetic business. Every year the revenue created in the Beauty and cosmetics business goes up. Mary Kay takes all the guess work and the hard work out of being in business for yourself. Let ‘s face it business is not easy all the time. But I will tell you that there are few businesses if any that you will have more fun in and more rewards than Mary Kay. With the added bonus to start this month. Whether you are a make-up  September is the time to start! See bonuses for September below! We are very confident and capable of helping  you meet your goals! 

Mary Kay Business Promotion
Mary Kay Business Promotion



When you mention the name Mary Kay. Woman young and old know the brand name. It is not brand that has to be built. The name Mary Kay brings great memories from the past and present. People like you and me have brought the name forward and we are charging forth into the future. Mary Kay already has a proven business model and millions of customers and women who love the products and business. So your clientele are easy to find. Just open up for business and an expert like me will help you to find your clients online and in person.


Making money in beauty in person and online is like putting out a net in a field full of flowers! The business of beauty and business of beauty is all around you ladies and gentlemen. Me and my husband have been very successful in 8 months of business with the help of our mentor who has been in the business for 25 years and our online marketing skills! So we mix the old with the new. We are able to help anyone to earn extra income while enriching their lives and having fun! 


Promotion Details

Here are the steps potential new team members can take to start strong this September!

Step 1: Purchase the Starter Kit.
The Starter Kit is more than a bag. It’s a beginning! For only $100, she’ll receive key business-builders such as retail-sized products for sampling and literature that can help her start earning money right away.
Step 2: Receive a FREE* TimeWise  Microdermabrasion Plus Set.
When she starts a Mary Kay business Sept. 1–30, 2016, she will automatically receive this retail-sized power pair, a staple at Mary Kay  skin care classes. It’s a foolproof way to help her customers fall in love with Mary Kay!
Step 3: Earn a FREE** Mary Kay Personal Web Site and Embrace Your Dreams Challenge bracelet.
Your new team member also can earn a FREE Mary Kay Personal Web Site for one year if she places an initial $600 or more wholesale Section 1 order by Oct. 31, 2016. Plus, she would qualify for an Embrace Your Dreams Challenge bracelet*** and more rewards from the Ready, Set, Sell brochure.






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