Beauty Business: If I can Do it, You can! Join Here


I would like to encourage you and inform you that there is lots of money in beauty , fashion and many other business online and in person waiting for you! I am living proof of this. If I can do it than you can do it! There are many ways that you can Monetize your Business Online or in person. 

Great companies like Mary Kay, Avon, and Affiliate Marketing through companies like Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon. Contact me at if you are interested in joining any of these companies. 

So there is no reason why a person cannot make some cheddar online. There are too many ways. Not just beauty. But this happens to be one of my Beauty sites.

Along with Fashion Doll Beauty. I am doing it! Along with a team of ladies I just assembled. But no worries. There is plenty of work and more websites to come! 

Let me be real. I am a 41 year old Father and Army veteran. I am overweight pushing myself to get healthy. 

If I can make money in the beauty industry than so can you! 

IF I can build a super great website on Beauty and Fashion. Then so can you! 


My Stats: I am 6-2 272 . I love Football, Basketball, and other Guy things. So how am I successful in moving Beauty Products? 

Because I am an expert at building business online and in person. I decided I wanted to sell beauty products. Because it is fun, profitable and I love seeing happy ladies. 

You are a lot more good looking than I am. 🙂 . So I know you can do a better job than me. So I am asking you to team up with me! 

Beauty Business Opportunity

But Cedric I don 't have time

Whether you are a Stay at home mom , A Full Time worker, or a Business woman already. I can help you to make money online and in person. If you are willing to commit to a few hours a week. 

We can turn your daily task into sales. 

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme

What I do not want you to do is to respond to this Blog post if you think that you are going to get something for nothing. I do not want to waste your time or mine. 

But I will tell you that if you are willing to work hard and build a foundation. You will be rewarded for your toil. 

I know that if I can do this, than you can do this as well! Yes who knows you may start knocking it out of the park the first day. That is very possible. I will train you to be profitable the first day! 

But in any business endeavor. We want to build for the long haul. That takes time. 

There will be ups and downs and times of adjustments. That is how life is. 

But I know that we together have the tools and expertise to be a power team. 

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