Become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Sell Mary Kay: Beauty Consultant
Become Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

$100 to start. Start in September and get Uber hundreds of dollars of Free Stuff!


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                  Making money from Home: Beauty Industry  


My wife and I are looking for people man or woman. Who are looking to make money with Mary Kay without talking to a soul in person or over the phone and asking them to buy anything ! You need no online experience, no need to build a website, or start a blog. But I am about to tell you something that will be music to your ears. God showed me how to make a profit off of Mary Kay without talking to your family members and friends. Or anyone at all. Without having a Beauty party. Without asking a Facebook Friend to buy anything from you. Now I know you are feeling great about this. Because when we discovered this technique it was music to our ears!!! But I give Glory to God.


God sees and God knows: Business Creation in the dessert 

Because you see. I knew that our family members and friends would not support us in our business venture. Sad but true. Many people run into these road blocks in business. I have watched my wife struggle for about 3 months in Mary Kay until I got upset with her and told her. Will you please listen to me and set up the things I asked you to set up!!! She finally did. Within hours she started to see activity in her Mary Kay Business . People who she never talked too or met where buying from her.

Short Video of my Business and Life Philosophy!


Learn Easy Beauty Marketing Techniques: 

As a man this is valuable because I am at a great disadvantage in the beauty industry. But as a woman you might be busy or just want to make some extra cash, or even build residual income in Mary Kay without spending a a lot of time in meetings, doing facials, and consulting your customers. All great things and things I greatly encourage. But not needed in 2016 to make money in Mary Kay.

While we do Encourage anyone doing a Direct Sales business to follow the proven business plan that the company gives you. We also encourage all forms of business marketing. I myself I am a very aggressive non-abrasive marketer as I call it. I talk to basically everyone and I use a number of different techniques. I am creative with my marketing. I am open, honest, sincere, and I do not make people feel bad or try to force anyone to do anything. I can teach you these techniques also. The Psychology of being in a direct sales business that many people do not understand.



Shhhh. Many people join Mary Kay and make no money. Not because the business does not work but because they freeze up. They don’t want to throw parties or talk to people. They get worn out asking people for sales etc. This is because their leaders while well intentioned at times teach them the best way they know how the way that they built their business. Which is fine for them. But it may not be for you. Guess what you don ‘t have to work hard to make money in the beauty industry. Better yet work smart and hard. But you can make money by simply working smart. I teach my business partners how to set up a marketing platform that will be very profitable with the least effort. But also how to do the more mundane things that some people do not want to do. Merging the best of both worlds. But figuring out what is best for everyone according what their goals are. Some people might want to have cosmetic parties and use our techniques . But others may just want use our techniques to get sales without talking to people . That is fine too.


Beauty Business Success in America
Beauty Business Success in America

I am helping my wife build her Mary Kay Business. Although I know nothing about Cosmetics. Well I know a little. But yet I am not a women so I would never know enough. But I do know about business. This is a great value that I bring to women who are looking to make extra money or build a lifestyle with Mary Kay. Having a person with a business sense from a man ‘s point of view and nature. Not to say that there are not great woman business woman. Not a all. But to say that I am gifted with a special sense and ability to help people build a business outlet in the year 2016 . I enjoy every minute of it! 

Mary Kay Business Kit
Mary Kay Business Kit
   What is in your Mary Kay Starter Kit
This is how the system I teach works. We can work with you if you are serious about creating income and becoming apart of our team and you do not have the complete investment needed to start your business. Roughly about $400 to be in complete business with Mary Kay. This is not just our system requirements basics. But if you want to make a profit with Mary Kay. This is the minimum investment needed.  If you have the minimum $115 to start your Mary Kay business than we can start there. Then create a plan for you to get to the next steps. Creativity is the key! Give me a call and we can talk about your personal success plan. Toll Free  1-855-565-5824  
1. Start your fun and income stream with Mary Kay for $115 .
 You get an awesome Mary Kay Bag and a some products that go with it. All that you will need to have some personal products to use and to do some facials with your customers… If you want too. Again I am teaching people how to make money with Mary Kay without having contact with people. If you go to our website  . You can contact my wife through email and we will get in touch with you. Help you get into the Mary Kay Business. Some people like to make the sign up an event. I do not. We will not interview you . But we will ask you if you have any questions . You can ask away. You can sign up whenever you want to sign up. We will begin teaching you the money making techniques right away
Step 2: Purchase a Personal Website from Mary Kay for $30.00 . What a beautiful and powerful website. With all the awesome products that will help you to move product without talking to a single soul!!! Wow how empowering and liberating. While Mary Kay is a people business and building relationships is encouraged, fun and important. It is not necessary to make money in Mary Kay in some cases. I teach you this. 
Step 3: Purchase a Credit Card and Debit card account with Mary Kay that will allow you to take Credit / Debit card payments. That will cost $39.99. 
Step 4: Complete your initial product order with Mary Kay. Purchase $450 of products from Mary Kay for $215. So you are only paying $215 for $450 worth of products. So you make 50% off your sales from your Mary Kay Website after this product purchase. It gives you access to make a profit with this product purchase! 
Note: Every 3 months Mary Kay requires you to purchase $215 worth of products from it every 3 months. With our system you will never have to worry about this. Because you will be making so many sales it will be automatic. If you join another team. This might be an issue for you. At the very least. It will be harder for you to do. That is for sure. 🙂 . I love helping people. Let ‘s roll! 
Step 4 : Take 25 minutes or less to set up your online presence. That is all the details I will give you until you get into the business. After you set up your online presence in 25 minutes or less. No cost. 
There is one more step that is very minimal cost.Under $100 . But NO cost to set up initially you pay on the back end. But you will be getting your money back within days. As a matter of fact I believe that you will have your total investment all seeing in these 4 steps back within two weeks at the most. Not counting all the other things that you can do to conventional build your Mary Kay business and the other easy marketing techniques that I can teach you if you like!!!
Step 5: Be as happy as we are. Feel great about seeing people who love Mary Kay getting their products from your business. Being happy. Servicing your customers. And making a profit of potentially 50% off your sales!!! Depending on how yo decide to market your business and products. I will help you find the best way for you if you like. 
So there you have it. It is not rocket science. But God showed me how to be successful and how to flip your investment over and over and over and over. Reinvest and Recruit. Helping other people to be successful along with us. So it is our joy to share with you how to build wealth, build not just a team, but a family of people who are working together toward a goal. 
We are Christian people but we love all people. We will help anyone who want help. God bless you and your family!!! 


While using this marketing program for about 14 days this is the success that we were able to obtain. Remember this is when we ” stumbled upon ” this technique. We have evolved this technique and made took the heavy hits for your. So now we can teach you how to be the most profitable the sooner in your Mary Kay Business start up!!! 

Mary Kay Business Success
Mary Kay Business Success


The Limit Processed number of $1054.52 is the gross amount that we had made thus far in that month. 

The $287.23 is the gross sales we had made over the course of 2 days!!! 

NOTE: We have added several other marketing tools that also add to these phenomenal numbers. This is so awesome because these numbers are just the tip of the income and fun Iceberg with Mary Kay! Everyone is different and they have different challenges. We also have a marketing program for person to person interaction that you can implement to add to these numbers if you would like .  

We have more numbers and images to show you. No problem. We are open, we are honest, and we are blessed to have found this success without talking to a single person to create these numbers! Fun Success.

To get started just click on the picture. You will go to our Mary Kay Website where you can fill out a contact form. Once you fill out the short contact form we can contact you and talk to your more over the phone, by email, or text. Whatever you would like best. Or we can simply send you a signup form to begin your AWESOME journey with Mary Kay! You are always in control. We are your servants. Together we are successful and joyful! 


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