First Impressions:

-The package was a lot bigger than I thought it would be for a small makeup set. It was full of pungent packing peanuts but I had to admire the care with which my first ever Besamé Cosmetics order was shipped. Digging through the box for my item–the Mickey Mouse Lipsticks and Mirror Set–sort of felt like Christmas Day.

-The lipstick set itself is adorable–a decorative parcel emblazoned with vintage lettering and an illustration of the iconic Mickey Mouse. I’m excited even before I lift the lid of the tan and red flip top box!

-Inside the box is even more adorable: another illustration of Mickey in the inner box cover, a beautiful, round gold-plated compact mirror, flanked by two bullet-shaped, whimsically-decorated lipsticks.

-Both lipsticks are, for starters, the most architecturally sculpted lippies I’ve ever seen; the brand logo is etched delicately into each stick. These sticks are so beautiful that I’m a little reticent to use them.

How cute are these lippies! The colors are Ink and Paint and Mickey Mouse Red.

-The two shades are Mickey Mouse Red and Ink and Paint, both names seeming self-explanatory enough. Upon further inspection of each shade, I’m growing slightly intimidated. In this moment, I’m thoroughly prepared to fall in love with a new shade of red. But the Ink and Paint is giving me pause: I’ve only worn black lipstick once–dressed as a black cat for Halloween one year–and I hated every moment it spent on my lips.

Still, this is a brand I’ve been itching to try ever since I clicked the ads on this very site. Out of curiosity, stoked by the Besamé Cosmetics website, I watched several YouTube unboxing and review videos. From there, I delved deeper into videos about a thriving and diverse Vintage Community, a retro fashionista cohort that seems deeply passionate about Besamé. Now comes the fun part: putting this product to the test!

First Kiss:

I’ll start with what I liked about Besamé’s Mickey Mouse Lipstick and Mirror set: the metal casing of the lipsticks and the aesthetics of this package are charming, with the included mirror replacing my current one for everyday use. I’m really drawn to this brand because of its attention to detail and the beauty of its products. For that alone, I see myself buying more Besamé products in the future, despite my general disappointment with these particular lipsticks.

Yep, here comes the not-so-good news: I don’t see myself wearing any of these lipsticks on a regular basis. Starting with the Mickey Mouse Red, this particular shade of red, with its pinkish undertones, is not my look. It’s a pretty red that didn’t turn me off completely but it won’t be one of my go-to shades which, for Besamé’s price point, stings a bit.

Now we come to Ink and Paint, a color that thoroughly confused me…until I did some post-purchase/after-trial research. It looks black in its bullet, which was already intimidating enough. But I assumed it was a nod, once more, to the classic Disney character himself. I braced myself for a shock of thick, tar-like color to my lips. What I got, however, made me question my sanity: why is this lipstick acting like a gloss?

Confusion, however, gave way to panic as it occurred to me that I’d just moisturized my lips so perhaps I still have lip balm residue on my mouth (in which case I’ve just ruined my brand new pricey lipstick!) I wiped my lips and the stick itself and noticed that, on my tissues, the shade wasn’t black at all, which raised new questions: Wait, now it’s purple? I wiped and tried it another time or two before I arrived at the conclusion that, well, maybe it’s some kind of gloss that you put over the Mickey Mouse Red to change its color. (?)

From there, I just gave up for the night figuring that the Ink and Paint would be joining the Mickey Mouse Red in the bottom of my makeup bag…or I’d just keep it in its beautiful box, in the back of a shelf somewhere. You live, you learn.

Lasting Impressions:

Me in Mickey Mouse Red…and accidental soft focus (Very vintage!)

The next morning, I gave the Ink and Paint another try…by applying it over the top of the Mickey Mouse Red, feeling like I’d finally found a way to wear two shades together that underwhelmed me separately. But later, upon researching this perplexing shade of lipstick, I realized that I’d completely missed the point of Ink and Paint. Turns out, this is a sheer shade that adjusts to your pH to blossom into a comely shade of berry. In hindsight, the color on my lips after my first wear was a great shade for me. But I was too distracted by its sheerness to notice the magic that was happening to my lips.

Now that I know what the Mickey Mouse Collection is made of, it’s starting to grow on me. My initial misgivings have faded and I think I will get some wear out of these shades. In fact, I’m almost tempted to buy another tube of the Ink and Paint, just for a fresh start with this shade, as I find the concept of a lipstick that adjusts to its wearer to be absolutely brilliant.

In general, I’m a makeup minimalist so I want a lip that’s bold and remarkable because there won’t be much else, aside from occasional mascara or eyeliner, happening on my face. I’m not one for thinking outside of the box when it comes to my lips–just give me color, richness, great coverage, and, if you can, make it last all day and night.

I’m still enamored of Besamé Cosmetics as a brand so I look forward to trying their other products and accessories, namely their black cake mascara with its vintage-style applicators. But I think I’ll take things slow with their lipstick offerings.