Best Beauty Supplies Grand Rapids / Kent Co, MI : Makeup, Perfume, More!

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Best Beauty Supplies Grand Rapids / Kent Co, MI : Makeup, Perfume, More!


Looking for a great place to purchase your Beauty Supplies in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, and all of Kent County. We specialize in all the best brand beauty supplies. Makeup, Anti-aging, Body Wash, Perfume, Cologne, Body care, and more! We deliver , we take phone orders, we take special orders, and we have beauty consultant specialist and you can order your products online.

You can call or text me Cedric at 616-516-5452 to see what products we have on hand. Or to request particular products. If you would like me to I will order that same product every month keeping that product in stock for you. No obligation for you to continue to buy. 

I give special pricing to my customers!

I want your business! So I make sure that you get the best prices that I can give and still run a business. My personal and business philosophy is generosity always pays off. In turn my business is true to my personality. My customers get what they want and I feel great , conduct business, and everyone is happy.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to serving you! Any questions or comments please leave a message below


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9 thoughts on “Best Beauty Supplies Grand Rapids / Kent Co, MI : Makeup, Perfume, More!”

  1. Hello,
    I just commented this on your site…Nice makeup site… seems like you plan to have all the various name brands at some point, and direct sales makeup companies too. It would be great to have all the options and sales for each in one place. Its going to be a really needed site.

    Kudos to you!!

    Kim Thompson

    • Hi how are you today. Yes that is my joy. I like to have something for everyone. So people can have a diverse way of shopping all in one place. Lots of fun for me. 

  2. Hi there
    thanks for sharing, this is coming just at the right time as im preparing to do Christmas shopping for friends, myself, my nieces and workmates.
    I really appreciate your post as you did not only show high priced cosmetic products, as someone who`s always counting pennies, expensive cosmetics are out of my reach.
    Now you mentioned these beauty supplies are located some distance away from me, do you do shipping? if so, do I pay shipping or how does it work.
    thanks so much for sharing, really appreciate.

  3. Hey there

    I am a huge fan of Clarins and Elizabeth Arden brands but I rarely manage to find their products at discounted prices (perhaps I am just not good at searching :)) Do you offer special prices also for these brands? If yes – where could I have a look at your offers? And I also know that many sites don’t ship beauty products internationally but I would be interested in international shipping.

  4. Hello, thanks for sharing this article with us. This is my first time hearing about Beauty Superstars, and this is a very good looking site. Christmas is around the corner, and I am looking for some good perfume to purchase for my grandmother. She loves perfume to death, and it would make a great Christmas gift. Thanks again and continue to do what you do!!!

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