Best Home Based Business Opportunities

7 Home Based Business Opportunity Prime Picks:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Member
  2. Total Life Changes Representative
  3. Herbalife Representative
  4. InteleTravel Travel Agent
  5. Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
  6. Organo Gold Representative
  7. Avon

For the month of March our Business Focus is on the Wealthy Affiliate

  • Build your own website
  • Learn step by step how to make money online
  • Affordable
  • One Free Week
  • Lots and Lots of Training
  • Ask Questions and get other Entrepreneurs to answer them 24 hours ad day on Platform
  • NO 1800 numbers to call for help. On Platform advice and Service
  • At Your Own Pace

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Best Home Based Business Opportunities

Stay At home Mom Business Opportunities

Check out my review of the Avon Business Here

Hi this is Cedric and I would like to be your business partner, mentor, or both. We will both be learning from each other I assure you that.

I have years of Business experience and success to pass down and on. I have also built an online business juggernaut I would love to fit you into as we grow together!

Most of the home based business opportunities that you will see on this page are businesses that I am looking to scale by adding business partners that I can work with, train, and support.

One of the biggest assets I offer to you is this. I believe in strong business and ethical foundations. I have found Business gems that you may have never heard off. I have been in the trenches with these business. I have tried products. Sold the products. I understand the business.

I love the business! Now I am looking to put more time, energy, and teach others how to make money in these great economic vehicles.

Thank you for your interest in Super Home Based Business Opportunities. This is an exciting thing for me as a business owner. Connecting with people just like me who have a dream.

People who have personal and family reasons why you want to make more money. People who believe that working from home as much as possible is the way that they want to live their lives.

Whether it is the job market, or the bad bosses, low pay or bad work environments. Or it is the love of spending time with your children and loved ones.

Or you are a single and in school. You just need to make more money in less time to concentrate on the things that you really want to do.

There is the other person who is interested in starting a home business. You just want to be wealthy and live a great life. You believe in yourself and you know you can do it. All you need is the right business opportunity to connect with.

You are willing to work hard and stay focused. You are willing to help others. You are willing to share a great thing whether it be products or the business opportunity.

Why not start a business you would ask?

For all the different types of people out there I have started this page on my website Glowing Beauty to help you find the right business for you.

My Story of Entrepreneurship

Best Home Based Business Opportunities

When I got married to my wife back in 2010 I had no thoughts of starting a business. Maybe it was the beauty of being just married and all the hope that comes with it. But I had what you could call a Eureka moment and I said hey honey let’s start a business.

I was making good money and she was making good money as well. So it was not about money. It was about having something running in the background while we lived our lives. Having something to fall back on in cased we needed more money.

It was about the excitement of being in business and making a sale. It was about having something that was ours. Something that we could work on together!

This I believe is wisdom. Right beside the other ideas that I had for my family in the early days of our marriage. Like paying off debt. We took a few months of having fun and enjoying being married. Along with blessing those who had a hand in our wedding. Then we went to paying down large amounts of debt.

It felt great as we saw our credit score going up and up. But it was hard. Having a home business right there by your side is a great way to be able to make money when you are paying down debt, working 8 hours or more, and taking care of your children

Spending a few hours in your business for 5 days a week can mean building a residual income that could make your life easier and better.

Or like these people it can change your life!

Thanks for checking out my page on Entrepreneurship! Reach for the Stars, you can do it! I believe in you.

If you would like any help I am here to help you.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer you.

10 thoughts on “Best Home Based Business Opportunities”

  1. The world is changing and the invention of the Internet has brought a lot of positive rather than negative. We can now sit at home and at our own convenience and timing, choose our work hours. Affiliate marketing is a very good decision I made this year and I hope to grow in it and earn big from it

    • Hello Mikay that is super to hear! Very well said. I don’t have much to add except. I concur lolll. We are certainly in an economic environment that has given access to the more and more people to open up a business and be successful. 

      Social networking and the explosion of business ideas and offers is truly a blessing. It has enhanced my life greatly. That is why I am looking to help people to find the right fit for them. 

      I encourage people to give themselves a chance to be successful. Build your own website or join an MLM. Or both. There is a right fit for you.

      With hard work, focus, and diligence. You can make your own salary. Expanding the life of your family! 

  2. Waoh, this is makes a lot of sense, can one join the sites for free or there is need to pay a certain amount of money to get registered. Besides how is the referral system where one can earn additional bonus? Is there certain amount of money you must have before you can withdraw from this platform? What Are the payments options available? 

    wealthy affiliate is a great platform for anybody willing to make money online. My life has changed positively since I joined though I have not millions but I have hope with wealthy affiliate.

    • Hello Jay! All of the business opportunities I list here have a very low start up cost. Which can be very important but not the biggest concern. When we are talking about business we are talking about the ability for that business to give you a return on your investment. 

      The Ability for that business to bring you income. So If I had to save up $40000 to make $100000 than that is a pretty good deal. 

      Haven’t said that I am glad to say that the 7 Home Business Opportunities that I am listing have start up cost that are as low as $25 and nothing higher than about $200 

      I am so glad you like Wealthy Affiliate. I tell you it is a great blessing. I agree as well. All of these business models essentially work the same. Except for Wealthy Affiliate. 

      With WA you can make your own website and make money online. 

      But like the other Home Business Opportunities I list WA also has a referral system. Where when you refer people to the business for products or business you get some form of compensation. 

      Do you have a question about a specific business model? Your question was very general so I was not sure how to answer it. 

  3. This is quite a unique approach to establishing a home-based business!  What I find unique is your offer to partner, mentor or both.  Many sites simply want to steer you toward a product or service however, yours is quite inspiring.  Being willing to take the next step to share your wealth of knowledge and expertise is also a “gem” that many do not find when starting a home based business venture.

    I see nothing but success here!

    Thank you for sharing this!

    • Wow Susan thank you for the kind words. You really have caught the spirit of what I am trying to do. When one communicates their vision they can only hope that the message comes across as you see it in your mind and heart. 

      I have found some great business opportunities that I love! They are profitable and sound business ventures. I love to teach and to give access to my web presence. 

      Building a team of entrepreneurs is so fun! Getting that income flowing in your business organization. There is nothing like it. 

  4. I’m a single graduate, and I really need money! 

    Although, I’ve been looking for a job, I love working from home. So I tried my hands with many online freelancing platforms and ponzy schemes, all to no avail. Until I came across Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Although, I’m a new premium member, I see a lot of potentials for success stories coming off of it. I look forward to being one of those you’d feature her success story on your blog one day. 

    Any way, I saw a list of other best home based business opportunities, apart from Wealthy Affiliate, such as: Total Life Changes RepresentativeHerbalife RepresentativeInteleTravel Travel AgentMary Kay Beauty ConsultantOrgano Gold RepresentativeAvon, and I’d like to hear about them, and weigh my options. 

    • Hello Peace! I am so encouraged and inspired by your perspective! You are a forward looking person who is searching for the write thing for you. It is a push. Keep pushing and I know you will find it. 

      Stay tuned to my business breakdowns. I will be breaking down these companies in detail. Thank you! 

  5. Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with Search Engine Optimization? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains. If you know of any please share. Kudos!

    • Hi! Well the important thing to remember about SEO is that there are no silver bullet software. I would work very hard at covering all of the Foundational Basis of SEO. Domain name, Title, Meta Description and a good Keyword tool like Semrush

      So this is the formula. Keep Writing Great blogs targeting the right keywords. That’s it! I do use the All in One SEO plug in. Some people like Yoast. Things do take time as well. The more you write on your blog, and the more you write about a certain subject. The more Google will recognize you for that keyword.

      I also would recommend that you learn more about SEO at Wealthy Affiliate. They teach all you need to know to accomplish your Online Goals. Step by step.

      Happy Blogging!


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