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Hello my name is Cedric and I am addicted to business but I am in love with my business online. It is so much fun , I love learning, and I love the challenge. But I also love the income that I have been able to make and the people that I have been able to help and meet. I am an energetic teacher that is here to help you make money online with a proven business systems and options that are simple and have very minimal no zero start up cost.

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I am proud and happy to say that I have many options for you to start your online business. They are all the most reputable and profitable business ideas and vehicles online. Everyone is different so what you like or what you will be successful at is going to be different that maybe what I like or what I am successful at. But let me tell you the first step to business success in general and business success online may be that you have fail first. That you need to learn what works and what doesn’t work for you. But don ‘t get discouraged. The world is big and the options for making money in the Free market have no limits. The only limit is the limits you put on yourself and what you are willing to do to make it happen.




Online Home Business Success
Online Home Business Success

I encourage you to work smarter not harder. But definitely do take time aside of your busy schedule for your business where you can in fact work hard. We should not think that we will not have to work hard or to be uncomfortable. You will have good months and bad months. You might even think of quitting. But keep pushing and have business mentors who have been there and done that who can help you to get over the hurdles that they had to get over themselves. That is an important key.

Let me explain what you are looking at. This is a picture of my online business success for ten hours on one day. $226 of business. It would of been more but I had to cut business short…. insert sad music… 🙂 But no problem. I am making sure that does not happen again. 

Trust me . This is just the beginning. My goal is to make you even more of a success that I am. We can do it! 


So in the above paragraph I gave some great and true advice I know and believe. Because I have lived this over the course of 17 years in business for myself. While I do not want anyone to think it will be easy for you I would be not give you the whole and honest truth to say that your home business , your brick and mortar business, or your online business will not be actually easy money for you. The fact of the matter is I can make about $500 to $600 a month just by pushing a few buttons and thinking of some pretty simple ideas.

If you are a gentleman I can help you make money in diverse businesses even in Mary Kay and Avon , Online Marketing and more. It’s up to you!

If you are a Lady than you I invite you to save money on beauty and make money on beauty!!!! Why not There are countless Billions made every year in the beauty industry. Get a piece of the pie. Don ‘t let me beat you in this game 🙂 . I challenge you. Friendly challenge! I hope you win but I don ‘t like to lose 🙂

Make Money and Save Money on Beauty
Make Money and Save Money on Beauty

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