Another Sally Beauty Online Sale! 10$ Off your $30 order Ends 10-21-18

$10 off your $30 order Sally Beauty Supply Sale

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Hair Care Products Sale


Offer Ends Sunday night 10-21-18  at midnight


Sally Beauty Online sale


Another Sally Beauty Online Sale! 10$ Off your $30 order Ends 10-21-18

Another great Sally Beauty Online sale . Get an amazing $10 off your $30 order. Offer ends 10-21-18. A great time to stock up on your favorite products. Also Sally has a lot of exciting new product additions. All natural hair care products, Skincare, Cosmetics, Hair brushes, state of the art hair dryers and more!

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Natures Gate Hair Repair

Natures Gate All Natural Hair Care Sale

Textured Hair Care Buy One Get One Free!

Textured Hair Care Buy One Get One Free

Best Beauty Supplies Grand Rapids / Kent Co, MI : Makeup, Perfume, More!

Ulta Beauty Cyber Monday Beauty Supplies

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Best Beauty Supplies Grand Rapids / Kent Co, MI : Makeup, Perfume, More!


Looking for a great place to purchase your Beauty Supplies in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, and all of Kent County. We specialize in all the best brand beauty supplies. Makeup, Anti-aging, Body Wash, Perfume, Cologne, Body care, and more! We deliver , we take phone orders, we take special orders, and we have beauty consultant specialist and you can order your products online.

You can call or text me Cedric at 616-516-5452 to see what products we have on hand. Or to request particular products. If you would like me to I will order that same product every month keeping that product in stock for you. No obligation for you to continue to buy. 

I give special pricing to my customers!

I want your business! So I make sure that you get the best prices that I can give and still run a business. My personal and business philosophy is generosity always pays off. In turn my business is true to my personality. My customers get what they want and I feel great , conduct business, and everyone is happy.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to serving you! Any questions or comments please leave a message below


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Tyra Banks Beauty Products: The Clean Machine Foaming Facial Wash

Tyra Clean Machine Foaming Face Wash




The Clean Machine Foaming Facial Wash Benefits

Tyra Banks Facial Wash
Tyra Banks Facial Wash
  • Deep Clean
  • Easily Remove Makeup
  • Vitamin C Face Love
  • Facial Prep for Makeup Application
  • Gentle Exfoliate
  • Patented Application Technology



We are having a ball in 2017. Life is super and we are always trying to make it better. But wait. Let ‘s not get ahead of ourselves. We cannot forget the very needed but sometimes mundane things of life like taking out the garbage, washing dishes and of course washing our face. Enter Tyra ‘s Beauty Universe with an answer to this boring problem. How about upgrading your normal face wash with a Tyra Beauty arsenal beauty weapon. The Clean Machine Facial Wash.

Clean, Exfoliate, Remove Makeup or Prep for Makeup Application


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Tyra Beauty Foaming Face Wash
Tyra Beauty Foaming Face Wash

Tyra Banks is known for extreme competition and pushing things to the edge. She has indeed done this with Tyra Beauty and her innovative and useful beauty products. The Clean Machine Facial Cleanser is an example of a product that demonstrates this.  The Clean Machine gives you a deep clean, a gentle exfoliate, and a easy makeup removal. It is also excellent to help you prep for makeup application.

For only $29 you get a 3 in 1 refreshing way to start your day with a super clean face and to end it quickly taking off your makeup and getting ready for bed in style and comfort.


Most important when dealing with anything is not the name on the product or the hype but what do the people who purchase a product actually think of their purchase. Tyra ‘s customers agree that she is bringing the goods with this supreme facial wash. At the time that I wrote this post she had 58 reviews on this product and 54 of them are 5 Start Reviews!!!

People love how the product smells , how great it makes their face feel, how smooth their face feels and how great it takes off their makeup! One of my biggest favorite products help with acne. Because a clean and exfoliated face helps to fight acne formation and to clear up acne. The Clean Machine also helps with acne as Tyra ‘s customers have testified.



If you would like to get your own Tyra Beauty Clean Machine testimony you can shop with us on our Tyra Beauty website. You get rewards points toward free and discounted product every time you purchase.

Have fun and tell us what you think!




Beauty Supply Store Online

Mary Kay Lip Gloss Oil

Looking for Mary Kay products? Shop my Mary Kay site 24 hours a day at your convenience! Shop Mary Kay Here


Hello and welcome to a premiere Beauty Supply Store Online . A place where you can purchase the best skin care, cosmetics, perfume and other items to keep your makeup kit up to date and ready to go!

My name is Cedric and I have created this website so that women could find quality products at the best prices possible. These products are women approved, award winning, and cutting edge.

My wife Lauren runs the customer care portion of our business. She is ready to help with beauty tips and all the makeup fun as well.

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I know that some people are looking for their favorite Mary Kay Products online and you just want to get a good deal and while purchasing your Mary Kay favorites. I am happy to be able to help in any way. Mary Kay has created a nice beauty spread for the Spring Season.

You can go to our website and take a look at what we have to offer. Over the years Mary Kay has been synonymous with Beauty Supply and they have continued to bring the greatness year after year.


Ok so here is the Mary Kay Spring Cosmetics Online Shopping Spread. This post is just a quick hit to let you know what the company is showcasing right now. We have already went into detail on some of the major new beauty product offerings from Mary Kay this year in several post on the Enchanted Series.

Enchanted Wish Perfume

Check out the beautiful and stylish eye makeup palette

Mary Kay Trend Eye Top Glistening Reflection
Mary Kay Trend Eye Top Glistening Reflection

Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oil!!!!!

Mary Kay Lip Gloss Oil
Mary Kay Lip Gloss Oil

Putting a lot of excitement into the beauty supply department

And for another suggesting for your Cosmetics Online Shopping. Let us not forget those nails.

Here is my best Dr. Evilll. Verryy nice

Mary Kay Nail Color