Avon Holiday up to 50% Off Sale: Catch the goodness!

Avon Holiday Sale

Get up to 50% off your purchase of select Avon makeup, skincare, and bath and body products

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Avon Beauty Sale


Avon Holiday up to 50% Off Sale: Catch the goodness!

Catch the goodness of this Avon Holiday up to 50% off sale . There are some very nice highly rated products that you can grab at a super price. This sale is on select makeup, skincare, and bath and body items. There is no indication on how long this sale will be going on. So take advantage of it now!

Items that caught my eye right of the bat.

The Anew Power Serum regular price is $40. It is on sale for $22.99

More details on the ultimate anti aging product Anew Power Serum

Let ‘s Makeup Beauty Set Regular Price $33 . Sale Price $7.99

Anew Brightening Sheet Mask with Pearl Essence Regular Price $30. On sale for $3.99

Anew Calming Clay Mask Regular Price $16 . Sale Price $9.99

Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Triple-Phase Body Oil Regular Price $20. Sale Price $10.99

Avon Senses Juicy Pomegranate and Mango Body Spray Regular Price $10. On sale for $4.99


Beauty Supply Sale

Best Beauty Supplies Grand Rapids / Kent Co, MI : Makeup, Perfume, More!

Ulta Beauty Cyber Monday Beauty Supplies

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Great deals from Ulta Beauty and Sephora Here!


Best Beauty Supplies Grand Rapids / Kent Co, MI : Makeup, Perfume, More!


Looking for a great place to purchase your Beauty Supplies in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, and all of Kent County. We specialize in all the best brand beauty supplies. Makeup, Anti-aging, Body Wash, Perfume, Cologne, Body care, and more! We deliver , we take phone orders, we take special orders, and we have beauty consultant specialist and you can order your products online.

You can call or text me Cedric at 616-516-5452 to see what products we have on hand. Or to request particular products. If you would like me to I will order that same product every month keeping that product in stock for you. No obligation for you to continue to buy. 

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Avon Online

Avon Online


SHOPPING TRIPLE PLAY 🙂  Use Code: WELCOME10 for an extra 10% Off your order




Welcome to the wonderful world of Avon Online! A place where you find the best beauty, cosmetics, perfume, antiaging, clothing, cologne, bath and body products and more! One thing that I find that Avon brings in volume is great products , great quality , and great value. Check , check, check.

Many people have never shopped Avon online and I am here to help you realize how awesome it is. As A Avon Representative for over a year now I go the Avon catalog online often. And I am so happy to see all of these great products listed for our customers to purchase.

Shop my Avon online store for all the newest and innovative products and super great deals!

Hello my name is Cedric and I am a Avon Representative! Welcome to my post on great ways to save on great Avon products


So this post is going to be an overview of the Avon online shopping experience. I will be going through all of the main categories and some pretty sweet product offerings that we have going on in each shopping category.

So hold on to your seat as we go through each category. At any time you can go to my Avon online store and see for yourself or skip down to a Shopping category that you are more interested in!


One of the first things many people think of when they think of Avon is skincare. Avon has for many decades been a go to company worldwide for great skincare products. Avon ‘s skincare products have great reviews and great performance. Bringing in multi millions in profit every year.

If you have not tried Avon’s skincare products or if it has been a long time I encourage you to give their products a try. There are too many categories to list here but here are some of the top beauty areas that Avon’s skincare is available for.


Here are a few product offerings that you may be interested in.


Avon Anew Sheet Mask
Avon Anew Sheet Mask


Avon anti wrinkle cream
Avon anti wrinkle cream
Avon Anew Sale
Avon Anew Sale










Avon Bath and Body Online
Avon Bath and Body Online

The Avon Bath and Body products are a mainstay of why millions of people love and shop at Avon! And these days where online shopping has become so huge Avon is has made shopping online for the top Bath and Body products very very easy and super affordable.

Avon Bath and Body Line is highlighted by the fan favorite and All Star Skin So Soft brand.

Here are the Highlighted Bath and Body Product Offerings for Avon Online:


With great options and add ons like Coupon Codes to save money and Free Shipping offers on already great prices Avon has made shopping online a great option even for personal care items.

Let ‘s face it when we think about personal care items many of us like to go to Bath and Body Works or your local grocery store Walmart, Target , or Victoria Secret etc. You do not have to worry about shipping cost and waiting for your products to come to you.

But Avon’s Skin So Soft products and other Bath and Body products are so Good and their prices before and after sale are so great that these products are right up our ally.


Sometimes the key is buying on sale or buying with Free Shipping deals. Which at times requires us to purchase at least $40 worth of products.

Avon is doing great with it ‘s sales of Bath and Body products so if you decide to shop online with Avon you are not alone. Many people have made the same decision!


Avon Makeup and Cosmetics
Avon Makeup and Cosmetics

The Third Avon shopping category that I am going to hit on is the Avon Makeup and Cosmetics line. Huge huge huge! Avon ‘s makeup and cosmetic line is the beauty juggernaut that is vivid , bold, wide ranging, adored and progressive.

Every year Avon continues to bring forth into the beauty industry new trends, innovations, and exemplary products . Presently Avon is standing out with their new True Color Beauty Line.

Avon ‘s Makeup & Cosmetics Shopping Area contains products that target:


Avon True Color Super Extend Mascara
Avon True Color Super Extend Mascara


These are some of the great things that Avon has to offer. Have you shopped Avon online lately? Jump in and have fun this Spring and Beyond!

Mary Kay New Spring Products Rollout

Mary Kay Spring 2017 Product Release




Whooo hooo I am so excited about Mary Kay ‘s new Spring Product Rollout. I tell you I love Mary Kay because it is keeping the name alive and thriving with great skincare, product technology, and trend setting products.

You get great quality at an affordable price. And we always offer discounts to our Preferred Customers.


Mary Kay Spring 2017 Product Release
Mary Kay Spring 2017 Product Release

Go to our websites to see the beauty show. All the great products that you have come and love from Mary Kay are upsized and Super Sized for Spring.

Limited Edition

  • Eye Palettes
  • Perfume
  • Nail Lacquer
  • Lip Gloss

And more!

Top Acne Cleansing System Review


Purchase the Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System here! Free Shipping and Best Prices https://www.marykay.com/lpowell2045/en-us/products/skincare/clear-proof-acne-system-10058977#tabbed1



Top Acne Cleansing System
Clear Proof Acne Cleansing System

I am very passionate about one of Mary Kay ‘s best selling products the Clear Proof Acne System. Mary Kay is a leader in Skincare World Wide.  I am so pumped up and on fire for skincare, fun, and beauty solutions in general for the year 2017. I am having a ball interacting with people from all across the world.

Today I break down a great weapon in solving your acne problems and keeping your skin in the healthiest and best looking condition. The great part is that it will not cost you a lot of money.


The Clear Proof Acne system address the base causes of Acne problems. The clogging of pores, bacteria buildup , lack of moisture in the skin, and excess oil that irritates skin and block skin pores.

  • Clogging of Pores
  • Lack of Skin Moisture
  • Harmful Bacteria on the skin
  • Removes Excess Oil
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Gives Oxygen to Skin Surface and Pores
  • Prevents Bacterial Build up
  • Dissolves the Buildup of Dead Skin



The Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System uses Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. These Key Ingredients of our acne system are both recognized by the Food and Drug Administration and U.S Dermatologist . This is a very powerful combination that works Synergistic-ally to unclog pores and to keep them unclogged without harsh chemicals.

SALICYLIC ACID: It Exfoliates the skin to promote the easy removal of dead skin cells. This helps keep pores clean and clear and reduces the grimy build up of acne bacteria.

BENZOYL PEROXIDE ( BPO) : Ugly things like to hide an grow in dark places. BPO creates and oxygen rich environment that cleans out the messy bacteria that causes acne.




The Clear Proof Acne system is great for teenagers, Young adults , older adults and African Americans. Extensive studies have been done showing how effective the Mary Kay acne system has been on the skin of a diverse number  and skin types.

See here for more information https://www.marykay.com/lpowell2045/en-us/products/skincare/clear-proof-acne-system-10058977#tabbed4