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Mary Kay Bronze Creme to Powder Foundation
Mary Kay Bronze Creme to Powder Foundation

One of our biggest selling Mary Kay makeup products are foundations. This product showcase is on the the Endless Performance Creme to Powder Foundation . It is a very versatile cosmetic that performs well in hot weather any place where the warm temperatures is a challenge to your makeup. This foundation comes in 16 different shades to cover a wide range of facial complexions. It is also one of Mary Kay’s full coverage foundations that last throughout your day. Here are the highlights of this product

  • Lightweight Cream
  • Oil Free
  • Suitable For All Skin Types
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Soft Powdery Matte Finish
  • Will not Streak
  • Fresh Appearance for 12 hours
  • 16 Shades
  • Matte Finish

Full Coverage Foundation


The great thing about the Endless Performance Creme to Powder Foundation is that it gives a fluid and flawless finish . This Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundation is a great purchase because it does so many things well and priced just right. This is why I believe it is one of our best sellers.


Another great benefit of this foundation is that it helps to give a natural look. It is also oil free while helping to control facial shine. To top it off Mary Kay Creme to Powder Foundation is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin.

This is why people call this Foundation so Versatile. Why so many of our customers purchase it over and over again as one of their main beauty staples. Find out more here : Shop My Mary Kay Website 24 Hours a Day


Suggested Retail is $18

Mary Kay Beige Creme To Powder
Mary Kay Beige Creme To Powder



Here are a list and benefits of the pretty cool ingredients of Mary Kay ‘s Endless Performance Creme to Powder Foundation. These ingredients are state of the art. Another benefit for shopping with a Beauty Giant like Mary Kay!

  • MATTIFYING COMPLEX : Advanced Microspheres help to create a flawless matte finish. It absorbs moisture in the air to reduce shine without giving a drying effect. That ‘s technology at work for you. Yet you will not pay huge for this patented product like other companies charge. The price is very reasonable this foundation. Among other things this Complex has heat resistant benefits that bends light waves as they reach your skin ‘s surface
  • DRY EMOLLIENT TECHNOLOGY :  Helps to create a weightless barrier on your skins surface which contributes to the long wear ability of this product. In addition to preventing streaking and fading
  • NATURALLY DERIVED MICA: This is also pretty cool stuff. You can have your beauty cake and eat it too. Because Matte should not mean dull. The find high grade Mica gives a natural radiant shine with ever shade.

So there you have it. A home run foundation by Mary Kay! We hope you enjoy.

Please let us know what you think of this product. Happy Living 🙂


Coming Soon: My review of  Mary Kay ‘s Mineral Cheek Color Duo!

Exciting 🙂

Mary Kay Mineral Watermelon Foundation
Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Duo


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