Enchanted Wish Perfume

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  • Top notes: Granny Smith Apple, Orange Oil Brazil, White Pineapple, Candied Petals
  • Middle notes: Stargazer Lily, Peony, Fresh Ozone, Passion Fruit
  • Bottom notes: Brown Sugar, Warm Amber, Illuminating Musk
  • Makes a great gift for her


Mary Kay Enchanted Wish Fragrance
Mary Kay Enchanted Wish Fragrance

Spring is right around the corner and Mary Kay is ready to delight and embrace the beauty of the season. Enter the Mary Kay Enchanted series of products. They have released a very interesting Perfume that I am reporting on today.

There is also a Enchanted Wish Shower Gel

an Body Lotion that has been released that brings together a full Spring blast experience .

I am going to also explain what Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Bottom Notes are in relation to Perfume ingredients and composition.

I am going to order this for my wife so I will tell you what I think! It sounds great and I am very excited as usual. I tell you I am really impressed with the New products that Mary Kay has created over the past year that my wife and I have been Mary Kay business owners.

Mary Kay Enchanted Wish ShowerGel
Mary Kay Enchanted Wish Shower Gel


Well since I have not actually smelled the perfume yet I cannot tell you for sure until my order comes in . But what I can tell you is what the description on the Mary Kay website tells me.

Mary Kay got together with some ladies who just love life as much as they can everyday. They created a Fruity Floral scented perfume that sounds like it is great for Spring.

I tell you there is nothing like being around a woman who exudes a great symphony of aroma music. That is what I call it. While it makes a man feel good! Chuckles . This perfume sounds like it .


Enchanted Wishes perfume uses Top , Middle, and Bottom perfume notes to make this perfume a great product to use , enjoy, and experience . The scent of a fragrance can change throughout the day as the perfume ingredients blend come into play revealing the scent of the ingredients in the perfume .

The reveal of the scent of the perfume comes in stages or Notes. Like an Aroma Symphony they are well timed throughout the day. Playing their own part in the beautiful expression of in this case Enchanted Wishes Perfume.

Top notes are the initial aroma that you and others smell withing the first 15 minutes of you applying the perfume to your skin. They can last longer and they introduce the fragrance .

Middle Notes come after the Top notes have introduced the fragrance in the first 15 or so minutes. This fragrance is the center or heart of the fragrance smell and often last throughout the whole fragrance experience.

Bottom Notes are like a bass drum or a tuba . A low but steady and constant  presence throughout the expression of the perfume and an last for several hours after the perfume is applied.

The Bottom Notes are the final and most lasting impression of the Perfume


So this Enchanted Perfume sounds like the total beauty and aroma weapon. Time , effort , creativity and imagination has been put into this perfume. So I look forward to getting our order.

If you have already  smelled it please tell me what you think.

Used along with the Enchanted Wish Shower Gel , Body Lotion, and other Mary Kay Products I think you will have a Beauty Home Run!

10 thoughts on “Enchanted Wish Perfume”

  1. i am not someone that wears alot of product and i dont usually try much because i find that its hard to find a product with a good consistency. is Mary Kay a lite formula, i dont like products that feel heavy on the skin. i also noticed a launch of a new perfume, would you consider this more of a day or night scent?

  2. I don’t like to be smelling myself all the may perfume, but i do like that everyone else does. I didn’t know this mary kay perfume seem to be perfect for a gift or actually for myself. I like the way you write about them and how you explain the Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Bottom Notes are in relation to Perfume ingredients and composition. I really had no idea about that.
    Great post, thanks

    • Hello Bedya! Thank you for the compliment. My great pleasure. It was fun writing about Mary Kay ‘s new products. Always fun to be kind of like a reporter because you learn so much that you did not know.

      I had no idea about the Top, Middle, and Bottom notes myself until today. I have made an order for the perfume so I will see how it smells when my wife gets it! I cannot wait.

  3. Thank you, the nice review about May Kay’s Enchanted Wish Perfume.
    You have explained well the need for one to buy or have a perfume. Could there be perfumes that don’t have fragrances that are sharp? Actually, when people smelling nice pass by, they look decent in their ways.
    You have helped many women who love perfume. They will find this helpful.

  4. I learned something new today. I didn’t know there are actually Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Bottom Notes and they can be combined in one product. I have not personally tried this product yet. So, I cannot wait to read your review when you receive the product for your wife.

    • Awesome I am glad you learned something new! I did as well when was writing this post. I can ‘t wait for my wife to try it myself!

  5. The perfume bottle is gorgeous. Did you receive the bottle yet? It would be great if you can update this post as I’m very curious as to what you and your wife thinks of it.

    The notes sound interesting. I wonder what the candied petals are and since there is white pineapple I wonder if the perfume has a tropical smell to it?

    is there any way we can get hold of samples through Mary Kay?

    • Well Hello Vanessa. I will be honest with you. I am in the process of totally regrouping my life. I have been really busy with work. But I am focusing more on my business now. Things have settled down. I have not ordered the Enchanted Wish Perfume as of yet.

      But I will put an order in just for you. I will see about sending you a sample. You can sign up as a preferred customer at my website. So I can communicate with you through email. If you like the sample and want to order I will give you a great price on all of your purchases going forwarded.

      Sign up as a preferred customer here https://www.marykay.com/beauty

      I will sure to do a follow up when I smell the perfume. My wife no longer does Mary Kay. She does not have the passion that I do. But I will give you my opinion and the opinion of others . 

      Thanks for stopping by Vanessa . 🙂 


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