Eye Shadow Spotlight

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best eyeshadow products
best eyeshadow products

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Ulta Anastasia Eye Shadow Palette Sale
Glamour Eye shadow
Glamour Eye shadow


Welcome to the Globe Beauty Products spotlight on Eye Makeup . Eye Makeup is one of the most sought after beauty products . On top of the great cosmetic and makeup products they carry Mary Kay has just released some pretty nice new eye makeup products for the holidays. Here I give my personal thoughts on why and other factors that women love their eye shadow products.

Choosing the right eye shadow is just as important as choosing the right shoe. It can make or break your outfit. When you think of eye shadow you think of the colors, the shades , and all the different ways that it can be worn. Eye Makeup can certainly accentuate and highlight your outfit.

Mary Kay Bare Palette
Mary Kay Bare Palette


Two main struggles that women have is selecting the just right color and applying it. That is applying the color and how do I make my look last throughout the day. For me it ‘s not quite the application. But the wide range of colors to choose from. If you have trouble with this. There are three things to remember when applying.

HIGHLIGHTER: The lightest shade used is an eye look, it enhances eye features such as the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. Depending upon your eye shape, it can applied over the entire lid or just along the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

  MIDTONE: The medium shade used in an eye look. For a professional look, this shade is usually neutral. It can be applied over the entire lid or above the crease for definition.

ACCENT: The darkest shade used in an eye look, it adds a pop of color and depth to the eye. It ‘s often applied from the lash line and blended right above the crease.

 At the end of the day. Eye Makeup is fun. So have a great time and experiment.

Mary Kay Eye Makeup Sale
Mary Kay Eye Makeup

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Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

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Urban Decay Eye Shadow Sale
Urban Decay Eye Shadow Sale

6 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Spotlight”

  1. Applying eye make-up properly really can enhance your look. I always notice when someone has really great eye make-up. It not only shows that they care how they look but it makes you look twice at them and whatever outfit they’re wearing. I’ve heard that Mary Kay has an extensive product line but is there a reason you’ve chosen their products?

    • Hi Lyn and thank you for stopping by. Yes I agree eye make up is very fun and useful.

      I chose Mary Kay because I help my wife with her business. I love to see the fun that ladies have with the products . I love the art of beauty

  2. I like Mary Kay products , I used these products before. My preference is the neutral tone and the light fragrance perfume.
    Usually I don’t use much makeup, just a little touch when I do.

  3. My passion being makeup and skincare has left me feeling quite excited about the Mary kay range, love the eye palette, do they ship to the UK?

    As a Beauty Therapist it comes as natural to me to instinctively know what shades to use and how to apply eye makeup but for many it can be overwhelming, your guide will help those to understand the art of shading and blending, a must see for anyone choosing their eye shadow.

    Great advice!

    • Hello June it is always a pleasure to talk to you! I would love to see your work I can tell that you are great at what you do!!!

      I am in the expansion mode of my business and I am looking for women who are passionate about beauty and helping others and wow I pray for someone like yourself in my search.

      Being a man in the beauty industry is very fun but I could never know what women know and feel!

      American Beauty Consultants do not have the ability to ship to the UK but if you go to my site there is a Country Selector on it where you can make an order in the UK!!! Here is a link to the Country Selector https://www.marykay.com/beautysplash

      Always great to hear from you. Enjoy your day!


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