Family Fun: Our Trip to Michigan Adventure

Our Family fun

Michigan Adventure

So much fun and so little time

Michigan Adventure Icee Drink

Mango Icee $6

The Mango Icee was $6. A little kid saying that he does NOT like Mango before picking a Mango Icee. PRICELESS

Michigan Adventure Swann's Feeding Station

Feeding the Swans .25

We did not make it back over to feed the Swans. But My Son Loved it!!! One of Many Great Reasons to Go back!

Michigan Adventure Selfie

Selfie Time

The Z man said I have to take a Selfie! Selfie time. Then he told His Mom and I that we had to take Selfies as well! 

Michigan Adventure Family Fun Day

Selfie Time!

I thank God so much for the great time that we had at Michigan Adventure. I planned this trip about two weeks ago. Although I had bigger plans this was the PERFECT PLAN! Because it was all about my son! But everyone had so much fun. 

We cannot wait to go back! 


we never stop

This is one of the last pictures that I took that day. As the Sun went down in beautiful Muskegon Michigan that night. No one wanted to go home. There were still people riding roller coasters after the close time of 9 pm.

Michigan Adventure Ferris Wheel

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