Great New Makeup Products on Sale

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Great New Makeup Products

Here we list some great new Makeup Products on sale. Very fun Palettes, Gel Semi Shine Lipstick , Blending sponge, and Eye Brush Set. These products are just a few of the new products that we have released. To take a look at all of these products go to my website so you can see the details and purchase these products. Shop My Mary Kay site 24 Hours a day

My motto: If you know the Brand you know excellence in beauty. If you don’t please let me introduce you to excellence in beauty!


Great New Makeup Product Sale
Great New Makeup Product Sale

Pretty Makeup Palette in 6 Shades

The first product I will share with you in this Makeup Sale rollout is a very Pretty Palette. I will be ordering these products and placing the picture on this post. Until then you can go to website and both see the products and purchase them if you like what you see! I will also be creating a post featuring each product in this this Great New Makeup Product Sale post. To give you more details on each product and how they can help you get the look and feel that you desire.

This Pretty Makeup Palette comes in 6 different delightful shades. These 6 shades can be used all year long and work very well together. So the things you can do with this Palette are endless!


Gel Semi Shine Lipstick

This light gel full coverage lipstick is made for comfort while not sacrificing your great look. There are 12 different shades including Rosewood, Natural Buff, and Love Me Pink. These shades are highly pigmented and keep a strong stay true color. This Gel Semi Shine Lipstick also has a special clear top window so you know which lipstick your picking up from your makeup bag or handbag



7 thoughts on “Great New Makeup Products on Sale”

  1. I have read several articles on your website and it seems to me you are a professional in your area. I am not a lipstick woman meaning I don’t use lipstick at all but looking at these amazing offers I feel I would wish to get the set. But how to determine what color of lipstick suits me? Is there any guide on how to choose the lipstick color? I guess this is not the case “I buy what I like”, or is it?

  2. Hi, I love that you sharing your Mary Kay products and letting us know in your words about them. Focusing on the sales items here is also something my daughter would really appreciate, especially the Pretty Palette. I can’t wait to see your post regarding it soon. I’ve also noticed you have makeup from other companies as well, like Avon. It’s awesome to be able to come to one site for all the makeup direct sales companies.


    • Hello Kim. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your compliments. We work hard to maintain the quality of our offerings to our customers. And to give the best prices! I hope you and your daughter find what you are looking for. 

  3. I love the variety of colors! There seems to be a shade for every season. I’m curious how much one of these colors will run someone. Also, do you think this line of Mary Kay lipsticks is just as much a contender against brands like Younique? I’m curious to know how they’re similar and different.


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