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What you don ‘t want to do is make a home business a job if you can help it. You do not want to make a home business something that you do not want to do. If your Home Business is a job than that is great because at least your making money right?


Decide if you want to make money with your Home Business or just have fun.

Do you care if you balance your books? Or is it ok to waste a little or a lot of money and then quit the business?

Don ‘t get me wrong I don ‘t want anyone to quit their Home Business just because things are not going your way. Business can be hard.

It takes time for you to find your legs in business sometimes. Sometimes if you have not failed than you are not trying and you will not be a massive success.



You have to decide if you want to build a brand from the floor up that no one knows the name of . That is hard but it is possible for some people.

Or if you want to save a dying brand that is going down.

Or if you want to take advantage of an Iconic Brand that is already built and thriving. Like Mary Kay!

In 2015 Mary Kay made 4.5 Billion dollars in gross sales.

But if you are serious about business. Do some research before you start a business. Mary Kay is one of the top grossing Home Businesses. So people are making money. Why not you? Even so not everyone in Mary Kay is making money. And it is not always because they are not trying.

See here how Mary Kay Ranks among MLM! Mary Kay is a great company to make extra income with! It is ranked Number 4 among MLM in 2015 with 11% growth. Best in the top 11. That is Phenomenal!!!

Nice to have a man on your team. We think differently 🙂 . As great as you woman are. You need me. I need you 🙂 .  Contact Us to start your Mary Kay Business Today!!! https://www.marykay.com/lpowell2045/en-us/sell-mary-kay



First step: Decide if making a money is important to you. If so team up with me 🙂 .

If you are starting a Mary Kay Home Business you have come to the right place. If you choose another Mary Kay Beauty Consultant I am not saying that you will not succeed. I hope you do. But I know there are many MKBC that are not making any sells. Or they don ‘t have time to do the business so they lose their business accounts because they cannot make the quarterly sells mark for Mary Kay.

Smh. I hate to see that. If you follow my system. And it is not hard to implement actually it is very easy . If you care even a little bit about making money and being a success you will follow it and make great money.

You will never miss your quarterly quota. I never miss mine 🙂 . You will never say I do not have time to do my business. Or I do not feel like talking to new people. Because you never have to talk to a soul.

I have proof of my sales. And yes my wife does not help me with the business. And I never talk to anyone to make a sale. So if I a man can do it. You can to!!!


So I make my Home Business fun, rewarding, and as easy as possible. Yes there is a such thing. That does not mean that I do not work hard. I just found a business that I love doing and I have found a system that few have found to perfect my Mary Kay Home Business.

I am applying that system to my other business ventures too . Soon I will have all of them humming just like I do my Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Business. So I am too Happy and and loving this too much. When your making money it tends to make Mary Kay Fun.


Yes I know you have met someone who did not like selling Mary Kay. Chances are it was because they were not making money. It could of been you. I am sorry that you had a bad experience . But I tell you if you do business with me. I have a system that I can put you in that will virtually ensure that you make income.

This system is set up for people who I do business with only. So I will not divulge this with anyone else. I just hate seeing people not having fun in business. Or wasting their money or time. I have worked hard over the years to develop these skills and to perfect it . Which you never really perfect anything because things are always changing and you can always do better. But you get the picture.

I have made my mistakes so that you would not have too.

I will keep this post short. Just sharing there is a better way out out there for starving artist. Or starving MLM participants. No more begging family members and friends with my system!

That is what I asked God for. He gave it to me.

If you would like to join my team and inquire how we can mutually help each other. Please give me a call at 616-228-5307 Cedric Powell

Or go to my wife ‘s Mary Kay Website and send us a message https://www.marykay.com/lpowell2045/en-us/sell-mary-kay

4 thoughts on “Home Business Extra Income: How To”

  1. That’s absolutely awesome that your wife is making money from selling Mary Kay products. How many hours a week does someone have to put in to see that $1000 return you posted?
    Mary Kay has been around forever so they must be doing something right.
    All the best and thanks for posting an honest income how to. Really well done.

    • Hello and thank you! Well the honest truth is that I run my wife ‘s Mary Kay Business. She helps in certain ways but I am the mastermind. This is bad on one end. But on the other end it is an Phenomenal opportunity for the a woman to jump in business with me and do great.

      Why? If I can make great money with Mary Kay as a man . I can show a woman how to do 7 times better than me.

      Hey the wife is not interested in business. But I am!

      Ok time put in. Everyone is different. To get the results I get I put in very little time a week . Maybe 7 hours if that. But again it depends on a persons goals .

      As an business expert I am able to analyze what it will take each person to achieve their goals. I will sit down with my new business partner and decide what they want to do with their business and how fast. Then move on from there . https://www.marykay.com/beautysplash

  2. Many years ago I had a friend who sold Mary Kay. She’s very successful at it, as a matter of fact, she was awarded at the time the highest price the Cadillac. It was pretty amazing to watch her ride around in her pink Cadillac. She had some awesome phenomenal sales skills which took her to that level.Thanks for the great article.

    • Wow that is so great! Yes our director she has a very nice Pink Cadillac Truck. The car to drive for free is great goal for Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. One day… One day!!!!

      Mary Kay is great company and I advise women … or men if you want a great business to invest in Mary Kay is it.


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