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For a Limited Time Apply to be a Tyra Beauty BeautyTainer 😉

You cannot sign up through the Tyra Website. But only my Backstage Link above.

Information you will need to Sign Up. My name Cedric Powell …. Email Address

You will be backed by the Online Presence of Globe Glow Beauty and it ‘s Super Business Savvy assets and Super Love for all people. Person to person Consultation and Care. 

For more questions Contact our Project Managers & 616-228-5307

Check out my Tyra Beauty Website here



Tyra Beauty Products
Tyra Beauty Products

What a great and exciting time it is to be alive and to be an Entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry. Since 2002 sales in this industry has gone up and the beauty industry has both grown and BOOMED!!! Growing from 40 grossing 40 Billion Dollars in 2002 to over 60 Million dollars in 2016.

With this great information we introduce one of the women who knows most about the Beauty Industry Tyra Banks the Supermodel, The Next Top Model Creator, The Super Business woman and Super person who is looking to empower women and all people who are looking to make great extra money or even change their life by simply capitalizing off of the huge demand for quality beauty products.


Tyra Beauty & Makeup
Tyra Beauty & Makeup

So you combine a women who since she was in her teenage years has been immersed in the beauty industry at the highest level with a direct sales component and you get the perfect synergy between a Passionate person who loves the art of looking fabulous with the challenge, fun, and great feelings of helping other passionate people to utilize their God giving skills to excel in life.

This is the perfect marriage giving Tyra the ability to share her love of beauty while putting her creative and innovative spin on beauty products.  Giving the Beauty Direct Sales industry a Face Lift and a Cleanse. Something fresh and exciting to enjoy and prosper.


We know that Tyra has had a great passion to give others the same opportunities to be great and to showcase their talents through her invention and adventure of America ‘s Next Top Model which she is returning to host this year.

I can tell you Tyra has been as hands on and invested in her Beauty Business. It is professional , cutting edge , and fun.

You will get a Tyra Beauty Website  to share, promote, and sell beauty products just like mine!



Tyra Beauty Direct Sales Sign Up
      Tyra Beauty Direct Sales Sign Up

For a limited Time you can join Tyra Beauty for free. It used to cost $89 to be a BeautyTainer but now you can start with Tyra Beauty for free. No news yet how long this is going to last. What a great opportunity it is to have the ability to be attached to a such a winning brand that Tyra has built with her hard work, passion, and smarts.

You get Tyra and a very smart and cutting edge business system that is evolving but very powerful and promising. Get in at the front end of this Beauty Freight Train. You also get me and my team of Business Entrepreneurs who will work with you, work for you, and position you as much as you need to be successful.



To sign up with Tyra Beauty it is an easy two step process. Go through my link here and fill out a short application that takes about 3 minutes or less.

After you sign up you will receive an email that will ask you a few simple questions. There you can also add your social networking address & blog/website address if applicable.

Adding these things will help you be approved as a BeautyTainer.

Information you will need to Sign Up. My name Cedric Powell …. Email Address

In two days Tyra Beauty will get back to you about becoming a BeautyTainer with your Approval!!!

Congratulations you are ready to start making money and creating an even better life for you and your family!!!

Any questions or comments . Please comment or ask below.


8 thoughts on “Join Tyra Banks Makeup Direct Sales Business : Free Signup!”

  1. I love Tyra Banks, I have watched many episodes of America’s next top model. Thank you providing this information, I plan to sign up today. I think this is awesome. I love wearing make up and learning cool techniques. I love your site, I will check back in on you. Take Care,

    • Hello Heather thanks for stopping by! Thank you for your interest in Tyra Beauty and thank you for your support. I am having a great time very part time with Tyra Beauty. Butttt I have been ramping up my time in the business and I have been rewarded by it.

      And I am a guy!!! I am doing this on my own. But the last week I have gotten 4 new Business partners. I would love to help you build your Tyra Business as well. I don ‘t know beauty products because I don ‘t use them. but I know business. I have learned alot about beauty products and I appreciate a women ‘s interest in them.

      So it is great to have some ladies to work with. Put both sides of the brain together lol .

  2. The globe glow beauty of Tyra Banks is fascinating. Tyra Banks is one of sexy wemen in the world today. Her makeup products a stunning and she is continuing to make wemen to pretty. I like her products cause my wife use her products. Join tyra banks makeup direct sales business and make money, it free to sign up, click on the link below.

    • Hello Saye I tell you I agree. I am a fan of Tyra. I admire what she has done in life and where she has come from. I also like what she is doing to help others achieve bigger and better things. And yes she is beautiful 🙂 .

      Her business is on fire!!! I had 4 new sign ups this past week!!! I am having a ball. Thanks for the support

  3. I had no idea that Tyra Banks launched her own MLM company. This woman is unstoppable with all her accomplishments which you mentioned! She’s just like Mary Kay back in the day. Perhaps even more successful?

    Can Canadians sign up to the program as well? How does the training work? Do you have to be experienced with makeup or can absolute beginners also sign up too?

    • Hello Vanessa! I feel much the same way about Tyra 🙂 . I have some bad news. Today she decided to shut down her Tyra Beauty business. It was disappointing for me but I can not say that I am shocked. It is life.

      And I am sure it is not easy building a direct sales business. But you do not need any special beauty skills to be apart of the business when she was taking applications. But now Tyra Beauty is closing operations effective July first.

      For people who are interested in making money in the beauty industry I would suggest taking a look at Avon. They have been around for a long time . I give this company a 7/10 for your ability to make money with it.


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