Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer: I love it!

Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer: I love it!

Kim Kardashian studying to be a lawyer
Kim Kardashian studying to be a lawyer

Why are people hating on Kim Kardashian for wanting to help others and strive for greatness?

Over the years we have seen the growth of Kim Kardashian. I have seen things that I have liked and not liked. At the end of the day I come out admiring Kim and her family while still using their lives as what not to do. Yes I use their name as a representative of what is wrong with America.

But I also find myself saying we can learn from them. Have you heard that Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer?

I think that is too cool! It took me a while to understand that that Kim and her sister were more than just reality tv stars. But they were smart and they have skills. They are more than just a pretty face. Ha ha ha.

Do you remember the small part she had in Tyler Perry ‘s movie Temptations. It was a very good movie and she did a good job. Ok that is kind of small.

But man do I love how she has grown.

  • Staying Married to Kanye 🙂
  • Being a great Wife and Mother
  • Making a difference in the world
  • Did I mention she has to deal with Kanye 🙂

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I love Kim and Kanye’s Relationship

I kid about Kim being a great wife because she deals with Kanye. I kid because I care. No but seriously I love them as a couple because they are together through it ALL. Kim seems to be the more responsible on holding everything together from afar. I see their names in the news from afar but I am not glued to their relationship.

But she stuck with him through his prescription drug addiction. She allowed him to be himself with his very controversial political dance with President Trump. Even when he made the huge mistake of saying slavery was a choice. I am a conservative black man and I don ‘t agree with that one. I was upset about that.

She was right there with him through it all. So I have admired her strength and her wisdom. The wisdom and strength men need from their women.

I am sure she is a great adviser to Kanye.

Kim is Hard Charging

Now she is showing her daughters that we as women can me more than just a face in another way. But more than just that I tell you that Kim is motivating me. I am getting tired of people using race and sex the wrong way. So I correct myself. Kim is inspiring her children and Kanye along with me.

Keep pushing for what you believe in. Keep learning and keep reaching for the high heights. Becoming a lawyer is nothing to sneeze at. Even though she is going a little different route. She still has to take the bar. She is older and that can be a little more challenging.

But go for it girlfriend. Kim says she is going to have to put in a minimum of 18 hours a week of studying along with monthly test for the next 4 years.

Get ready judges. Mrs. Kardashian-West will be before you soon.

No other way to say it. Shut up Haters

There are so many people behind keyboards who have something to say about everything. When I heard the news a few days ago that Kim was studying to be a lawyer I was like wow great! But in preparing this blog post I saw that there were people who have a problem with that.

I say to them get a life. I know people who talk about Kim and the Kardashians and they have decided to not do anything with their lives. Kim does more before 10 am before they do all day. I look at them and say hey I respect Kim and her sisters. I do not look for Kim or anyone else to get my approval for what they do and say.

Who am I?

Of course, we police each other and the images that we see and allow our children to see. But we must also understand that we are all human beings. Flawed. But before you speak on Kim and her family how about looking into your own life.

I love the positive things that Kim and her family bring to the table! Kim studying to be a lawyer is super!!!

An ok Kim still looks super hot! Lol!!! But I do NOT allow that cloud my judgment.

Oh Yeah One Little Thing I Left Out

I totally forgot and sometimes I forget that her late Father Robert Kardashian was a masterful lawyer. Hmmm that may be where she gets some of her passion for the law. It is so cool to be able to walk in one of your parents footsteps. It is great when it is your passion and not something that you feel that you have to do.


So what do you think about this episode in Kim ‘s life? Is there anything not to like about this story?

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