Mary K New Limited Edition Set

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Mary Kay Runway Eye Shadow Palette
Runway Eyeshadow Palette






Mary Kay Fall Runway Collection
Mary Kay Fall Runway Collection


Summer is coming to an end and Mary Kay is rolling out new and even more fabulous products. The first product we are going to review in the Fall product roll out is the ” Runway Bold Fashion Collection. This collection is Limited Edition. It is made with a high class , high fashion, and elegant look. Do you love when you go out to different places to eat and you always wonder what they will come out with next. Well I love Mary Kay because they always continue to evolve their product line with great creative ideas to keep women looking and feeling good.    



Purchase $50 or more from the Runway Bold collection in suggested retail ( excluding tax)  and get the collections Limited Edition handbag for free!


Project Runway Mary Kay Beauty Products
Project Runway Mary Kay Beauty Products


The Runway Bold collection fits this Fashion Forward mode. The Runway Bold collection is hot way to make an entrance on date night, special event, or any time you want to stand out or shine your beauty diamonds 🙂 . The collection comes with several different and distinct ways to use the products in the set. These different ways are very diverse and versatile giving everyone a chance to make there own personal statement and look.  Check our website for application and style tips. This Limited Edition collection comes with all new products.

  • Eye Color Palette
  • Gel  Liner Duo
  • Nail Lacquer
  • Stylish Runway Bold Collection Bag


Mary Kay Runway Bold EyePalette
Mary Kay Runway Bold Eye Palette


The Runway Bold set collection comes in 4 fun looks. Use them all , choose the look and feel you like or make your own. There are 5 individual products that make up the Runway Bold set. So depending on your choice of beauty look it will ask for you to use a certain product to complete it. So have as much fun as you would like mixing and matching .

  • The Stylist
  • The Off Duty Model: True Blue Glamour
  • The Fashion Editor: Classic Chic
  • The Blogger


This set has very fun color tones, cool colors, and has a flare for unique but tasteful expression. Push your look to the edge one day. Bring it back the next. Go full speed the day after. It is very flexible and fun. The Runway Bold set pieces are sold separately.  So you can buy the products individually . Your choice to gather them all or pick your favorite.   

Mary Kay RunwayBold NailLacquer Blue Debut
Mary Kay Runway Bold Nail Lacquer Blue Debut
Purchase Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara
Purchase Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara Here

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  1. These are very good items. My wife loves this stuff. I will refer her and I’m sure she will refer her friends as well to this site. I think I will bookmark it myself to use. When I get into trouble with the wife. I can buy her items from here to get me out of a stick situation. Thanks keep up the good work.

    • 🙂 Ha ha ha thank you very much! I help my wife in her Mary Kay business and I love working in the beauty industry. If you are looking for a great gift I love the perfume!!! Great price and awesome product. Otherwise on the Mary Kay site we would have no idea what to buy our wives. Perfume is a safer buy 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. WHAT products do i actually get in the clear proof acne system, could you add a little information on how to use the products and what are the contents on the package because I really couldn’t find that, however what else products would you recommend for an acne problem.MY age is 19 years!

    • Hi Shrey! I apologize that the link to the acne product was broken. I am fixing that today. Here is the product page for the Acne system . You can shop my Mary Kay Website 24 Hours a day

      On our product site we answer all of your questions except the last. You will find out how to use the product and other great details there. Here are the products that come in the acne system

      Clarifying Cleansing Gel, 4.5 oz. Blemish Control Toner, 5 fl. oz. Acne Treatment Gel,1 oz. Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin, 3 fl. oz.

      Products I recommend in addition or in place of the Acne System

      As a guy . I love the 3 in 1 cleanser!!!

      To help remedy the root causes of Acne it is important to address general pore health and function. Therefore weekly exfoliation products like the 3-1 cleanser will help greatly. The price is awesome. Regular price of $20 for a long lasting great product I an my wife both love! It comes in normal /dry skin and also Oily skin .

      This product is non-comedogenic. Meaning it does not clog or inhibit pores. Which is the base cause of Acne.

      We hope that helps!

  3. Hello dear, your site is beautiful. The fact you said that Mary Kay keeps evolving their product to make women good in appearance and emotionally. Then this product is worthy for women who want to be on the trend of feeling beautiful, young, attractive which is every woman’s hobby. Mary Kay cosmetics should be a good product.
    Please, I have one question about Mary Kay, does it work on all types of skins like Asian or Black? The creams and the makeup are they safe on such colors?
    Thank you for the information. Please let me know about it.

    • Hello Mariam and thanks for adding to our conversation! Your question is a common question even when not asked I believe. The great thing is that Mary Kay is a brand loved by all shades of women and the company caters it ‘s products to all people. That is one reason I named my site Globe Beauty! It is for all people.

      I have been in the beauty industry for about 5 years now. Learning about the pros and cons of diffferent product lines. I understand that some lines are not considered as darker shade friendly Some product lines are more friendly. Mary Kay is defenitly one of them!

  4. I love looking at health and beauty products! You’ve got some nice products advertised and in a very presentable way I might add! I haven’t heard of the brand Mary K before. I really like the earthy colors in the Runway set. This website will be a definite to re-visit!

    • Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words 🙂 . The brand is actually Mary Kay. The iconic brand that is still running strong serving the desires and needs of women for great beauty products.

      For administrative reasons I could not use the name Mary Kay in my tittle. I enjoy being in the beauty industry helping my wife. It is alot of fun. I also enjoy the Mary Kay brand and company. They have some very good products

  5. . Your website looks beautiful and contains what the market wants. Mary Kay and Avon are cute products for surprise gifts any time, apart from individual use. However, I almost missed the main page with all the products. What do you think about naming the website and pages? I’d love to come back. My website:

    • Thank you 🙂 I am working hard to give the world a great experience. I love serving people who are looking for fun and solutions to issues of beauty and life.

      My website is always evolving. I thank you for your advice I will consider it.

  6. Interesting website you have, very fine looking beauty products. I have heard of Mary Kay, I did not know that company was still on the market until today.

    Do you sell any men’s products, I was just curious if it was an all women’s product company or maybe you sell some men’s products as well?

    • Hi! Yes Mary Kay is still going strong :). I love to talk to young ladies and they know and love the brand. So it is reaching down into the generations.

      We do have men products! I enjoy the colognes and the 3-1 cleanser is a great product for his and hers! It feels great and last a long time!!!

  7. Hello, I am shopping for my wife for the holidays and know that she uses a lot of these products in the past. The prices on your site are reasonable and the ability to get the additional handbag for free with $50 purchase is interesting to me (makes for a better gift for the money!). What colors does the free handbag come in, and what is the style of it? Thanks again.

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