Mary Kay Beauty Consultant: Grand Rapids

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant: Grand Rapids

Become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
Become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant



Mary Kay Facials and Beauty Products
Mary Kay Facials and Beauty Products

Hello my name is Lauren and I am serve the Grand Rapids and Detroit Michigan areas as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I am apart of a diverse , creative, excited and customer focused team of Beauty Consultants that are ready to serve your beauty needs. Please contact us for a free facial and beauty consultation. We will sit down with you in a comfortable setting. Find out exactly what you are looking to achieve . Serve you in getting the results that you are looking for.  We have Beauty Consultants from 19- 65 years of age who would love to help you. No purchase necessary for consultation.  

Contact me Lauren @ 616-228-5306 . If you cannot reach me Contact my husband Cedric @ 757-616-228-5307 . If I am booked we have other excellent Beauty Consultants in our area in our service group. We will make sure that you are taking care of. 

ONLINE BEAUTY SHOPPING-Contact Us 18555655824

 Not only are we in business and in service of the women of this area. We also serve women nationwide through our online beauty shop I am in business with my husband Cedric. He brings a genius business mind, vigor, and a different way of thinking to my Mary Kay Business. He has a great passion to help women get the beauty services that they desire .  While I bring the beauty and service portion of our business and service to the forefront. We have made a great team and have had great success in our business in sales and business recruitment. My life as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant has been nothing short of a celebration. The ride has been even greater than we expected. 

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Find out more about Mary Kay and our great business! Enter Here

Or schedule a one on one Beauty Consultation by our Beauty team.  Call 18555655824

Or Visit one of our fun , informative, beauty meetings filled with people just like you who love beauty and fun! 



Beauty Business Success with Mary Kay
Beauty Business Success with Mary Kay

We have just relocated to Grand Rapids from Virginia! We are very excited to be here and we are offering facials and beauty consultation. In the next few weeks we will be throwing beauty parties, random free product and sample giveaways, and business building. 

One of our specialties has been the online marketing of our business. Some Mary Kay customers love to shop through our website. We offer this too. You can visit our site today and view our awesome new products and fall roll out. Take advantage of our Free Shipping offer , free products, and any other offers we are giving at the time!

MARY KAY BUSINESS TEAM                          

Excellence in Beauty Consulting
Excellence in Beauty Consulting

We are have been mentored , guided and taught by the best in Mary Kay. Over 30 years of experience and success. Our mentors and our business team we are proud and rejoicing in saying is multi-cultural. I am 34 and my husband is 39. We consider ourselves to be the bridge to the past of Mary Kay and the future of Mary Kay . Passing the torch of beauty, fun, and prosperity to the next generation. Our parents knew of and loved Mary Kay and we are walking in their footsteps. Passing down the torch. We believe in Business. Not just business. But Family Business. So if you do business with us you are family. 


I joined Mary Kay after seeing my mom in the company. Seeing her love and passion for the products, business and the relationships built. After getting married and having a child of my own. My husband and I was looking for a great business opportunity to help us earn more income. Give us a chance to work together. Also work in the fun , rewarding, and booming industry of beauty and cosmetics.


They say that Variety is the Spice of life. I believe that. Sometimes you have to try something different , take a dive into the deep, believe in yourself, and invest in yourself. If you knew our personal stories you would know that life has been a roller coaster. From getting married, having children, to money problems, unemployment, student loans, health concerns and other life issues. But we have fought through them , overcame them, and our Mary Kay business has added extra income, extra fun, and extra spice to life. Some will say, I have too much going on and I do not want to add business to my busy and stressful schedule. When sometimes adding a great experience like Mary Kay will help you to overcome your obstacles. Enhancing your days and giving you more options on the other side of your troubles. 

Learn More about Mary Kay

If you are thinking about earning extra income. Having fun in the beauty industry. Learning how to build easy income from online business experts by setting up a simple online presence. ( Online marketing is not for everyone or needed. But is very rewarding if you are interested 🙂 ) Building awesome relationships based on things that are more valuable than money. Or simply saving on beauty products by becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Take a look at what Mary Kay and our team of professionals has to offer you.

Join Mary Kay! 


Mary Kay Beauty and Cosmetics Shopping
Mary Kay Beauty and Cosmetics Shopping



8 thoughts on “Mary Kay Beauty Consultant: Grand Rapids”

  1. I realize Mary Kay and Avon cosmetics have been around forever and a lot of people are making good money selling them. Why do you think they have stayed so popular for so long? What is their secret? There is a huge range of cosmetic brands but it does not seem to even put a dent in these two. I know hey are excellent quality but so are many other brands so what is their secret?

    • Hello Mrs Margaret you are correct. I am 39 and I remember hearing about Mary Kay and Avon when I was a child. Yet both companies have continued on strong until this day. Avon is going through alot of reconstructing. Yet its sales are still very strong. I think it is because of their ability to purchase great research and development of their products. And also get their distributors to try , buy, and to tell others about their products

      Mary Kay seems to be doing more with less according to the numbers. They have fewer distributors but about the same amount of sales. Like Avon Mary Kay has brought to market place products that people love. They have also built great personal relationships with their customers. So I think that is apart of the secret of both Avon and Mary Kay in different ways. Quality and relationships built. Lives changed and impacted.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve never personally tried Mary Kay products before but I’ve heard about them. The business aspect of it reminds me of another beauty brand called Nutri Metics which my late mom used to sell.

    The sunscreen broad spectrum looks interesting and something which I would be keen to try as I firmly believe in protecting skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Are these products shipped to Singapore too?

    • Hello Yvonee and thank you for stopping by. I am glad you are protecting yourself from the sun. I need to do more of that myself. Thanks for the encouragement.

      I am not sure if we ship to Singapore. But I will find out. Thanks for the question.

  3. Hi Lauren,

    I’m really interested in how profitable this kind of business can be nowadays – I know it’s been around for a very long time and people buy their products all the time, but how difficult is it to maintain as a family business?

    For how long have you been doing it with your husband and was it enough to replace your regular 9/5 jobs (if that’s the case, of course)?

    Also, do you know how well do Mary Kay products perform in different parts of the world? Are they in high demand in Russia, for example?

    Sorry for so many question, but I see this as a potential opportunity and would like to know more details.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Dmitriy! Thank you for your questions. They are good ones. Mary Kay has been around for a long time. I will tell you that the great thing about the business is that it has a brand that millions of women no , love , and trust.

      I was also skeptical at first. But I am so glad that I tried the business. I have been doing the business part time not full time because of time conflicts. But my wife and I have been doing a great job!!! We are one of the top sellers on my Director ‘s team every month!!! We can teach anyone how to do what we do . Mary Kay is very profitable even today.

      Yes Mary Kay is in Russia. You can take a look here. If you would like we might even be able to sponsor you. I am not sure about that. But I can check on that for your if you like. You can leave and email on my Mary Kay site and we can get back with you on that. Our business partners are family we would love to work with you Dmitriy .

  4. Mary Kay beat seems to be the best ever products more especially the sun protection lotion since our condition in our country is too sunny and without the sun protection one might look miserable and with information provided on mary Kay beauty i intend to order some make ups for my young sister and my sun protection too

    thanks for being there for me in time when i need you most

    • Hello Jschicanha! Thank you for your kind words and your business. We try to bring quality products that people want and need that make like better. It is our pleasure!

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