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I am a huge fan of Mary Kay ‘s Thinking of Love Perfume. Mary Kay is known for its cosmetics products. But if you have not tried their perfume than you are in for a treat. As of now I have only tried the Thinking of Love perfume. But I am in love. My husbands loves it. He says it has a great touch. Not too much. But it certainly gets his attention and keeps me on his mind for hours on end. 

 I like the Thinking of Love perfume because it has a nice floral smell. It is fresh , clean, and fun. The price is just right. So I am happy in many ways. This perfume certainly adds fun to my day. It is apart of my beauty and fun arsenal!


Mary Kay Thinking of Love Perfume
Mary Kay Thinking of Love Perfume

The Thinking of Love perfume from Mary Kay is a great holiday or surprise gift for your love ones. The smell of this perfume exudes passion and good feelings. It says date night, special occasion, or romance time. As the gift giver it says I am deeply thinking of you. So men who are looking for a strong double, triple, or gift homerun the Thinking of Love perfume is it imo.

Key Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:

Sparkling Mandarin
Baie Rose
Spring Freesia

Middle Notes:

Turkish Rose Petals
Rose Damascena
Textural Osmanthus
French Violet
Pink Honeysuckle

Bottom Notes:

Vanilla Madagascar
Rich Iris
Velvety Musk
Indonesian Sandalwood
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4 thoughts on “Mary Kay Best Perfume”

  1. I am not a woman, but I would just like to say that I have not seen a webpage design like this before, I’m new though, I think its pretty cool that you get description when rolling over pics. Keep up the good work, I’ll share this page with my wife!

    • Thank you very much man! Me and my wife run our Mary Kay business together. I call myself the business and she is the beauty ha ha ha! Because I am more business oriented to her and of course she loves the products.

      If your looking for a great gift for her. Try the Thinking of Love perfume man! And we like to give great discounts to our customers. I can ‘t by rule tell you that I am running a sale. But… lets just say that your in good hands while shopping with us . Thank you for stopping by

  2. Hey, guys!

    I love Mary-Kay products!! I have never tried the perfume before, didn’t even know they had them! (I usually get “hand me down” Mary-kay stuff from friends and family)

    It will definitely be something I’ll be trying out soon! I love floral scents!

    Is it a long-lasting scent or does it go away after a little while? I don’t like smells that are really strong because I will start sneezing!

    -Heather M.

    • Ok great! Thank you for stopping by and for your support. Heather whatever works for you is great. But we would love to upgrade your Mary Kay experience if you do not have a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

      If you make an order we would be sure to send you a special gift as a thank you! Just leave a note with your order to let us know that you contacted me on our blog.

      My wife says that the perfume last a pretty long time. We both love the way it smells!!!

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