Mary Kay Black Friday & Cyber Month



Note 1: Any Discounts giving are applied at checkout

Note 2 : We are not allowed to announce special pricing online except on our Facebook accounts as Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. Please go to my Facebook Page for additional current information!

I aim to please my customers. Thank you for your business and have a Super Christmas and beyond!

We have made Cyber Monday Cyber Month leading up to Christmas




Welcome to the wonderful season of giving 2018 with Mary Kay. We aim to serve you with the best savings, the best products, and free shipping. Allow us to be at least part of your shopping destinations. Pick up that needed product like a foundation, lipstick, eye primer, eye palette, or award winning anti aging set.


What a wonderful time to try our new and Limited Edition products at Mary Kay. Eye shadow palettes, foundations, semi-matte lip gloss and lipstick. Bath and Body products. Satin Hands also has some awesome new products as well.


2 thoughts on “Mary Kay Black Friday & Cyber Month”

  1. Ooooo! I love Mary Kay! Wish I would have seen this sooner as November (and Cyber Monday) is almost over. Do you know in advance what special deals, if any, there are for December? I’m thinking about some gifts that I can buy for my family. What are some of your go-to Mary Kay products? I love hearing recommendations.

    • Hello Samantha! I love to hear the enthusiasm that comes from those who love the Mary Kay experience. It really warms my heart to be apart of this business. Our offer for the month of November is still on.

      Please favorite our site and come back to us in December and every month after to see what offers we have going on.

      Honesty: I help my wife with this business so my knowledge of the products in a way is limited. But I will tell you that our Best Sellers list is a list that millions of women have certified their favorites. Including award winning products so let ‘s start there.

      But I will tell you that I like many people love the 3 in 1 Cleanser!!! My face feels refreshed and ready for the day when I use it. The smell is not strong but invigorating . It comes in Normal / Dry and Combination / Oily . Here is a link to it

      I also love the Thinking of Love Perfume : For guys who want to surprise their wives or ladies in their life this is a great buy. For ladies who want a nice perfume priced right. Also a great buy . Here is a link

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