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Tis is almost the season for family, fun, dates, food and more fun. It is a great time to share the Mary Kay New Lipstick releases and other Holiday products. We will be listing a total of 8 new lipsticks for our customers to enjoy. I think these products add a festive feeling of fun to our beauty collection. Each of the 8 are Gel Semi-Matte lipsticks. You can purchase your products in person or online through our website under ” New Products” or from any part of our website.


Mary Kay has just released a new lipstick technology called Gel Semi-Matte. This new lipstick technology was created to take lipstick to the next level. Giving our lipstick rich long lasting colors, full coverage , utilizing gel microsphere innovations. The benefits are Mary Kay Gel lipsticks do not leave your lips looking or feeling dry. These lipsticks have been released just in time for the Project Runway new season that has just begun. Very fitting because many of our new Mary kay Beauty products are made for your runway of life! We encourage you to try them , we think you will fall in love with the quality and feel.


Here we have listed the new Mary Kay lipsticks. We hope that you enjoy them. Please visit our website for more information and to purchase. The price of all of the new lipsticks are $18 . Load your products into your cart to find out if we are offering Free Shipping or other discounts. We are not allowed to advertise our sales online. So it will be a pleasant surprise in your cart.  Enjoy your shopping with us! I will be doing a post on our new Lip Liner also . In the meantime you can browse these also on our website.

 Powerful Pink : Gel Semi Matte Lipstick
Powerful Pink : Gel Semi Matte Lipstick