Mary Kay New Spring Products Rollout


Whooo hooo I am so excited about Mary Kay ‘s new Spring Product Rollout. I tell you I love Mary Kay because it is keeping the name alive and thriving with great skincare, product technology, and trend setting products.

You get great quality at an affordable price. And we always offer discounts to our Preferred Customers.


Mary Kay Spring 2017 Product Release
Mary Kay Spring 2017 Product Release

Go to our websites to see the beauty show. All the great products that you have come and love from Mary Kay are upsized and Super Sized for Spring.

Limited Edition

  • Eye Palettes
  • Perfume
  • Nail Lacquer
  • Lip Gloss

And more!

8 thoughts on “Mary Kay New Spring Products Rollout”

  1. As someone that is very passionate about beauty products and a Beauty Therapist, I am very excited about a new season change and especially Spring, my favourite. I love the colour range, getting me in the mood for Spring 🙂

    Do you have anything new in peachy shades in the Mary kay range? I have never used these products before, what would you recommend for me to try first?

    Brilliant site also.

    • Awww thank you so much! I tell you it does help you to get in the spring excitement phase. I love the colors. Hmmm peachy. My wife will be back soon. I will ask her about any peach shades we have 🙂 . Get right back to you on that.

      Personally I love the skincare products. One of our best sellers and one of my favorites are the 3 in 1 cleanser which comes in Normal/Dry or Combination/ Oily .

      I also love our acne products and our foundations. They seem to be a favorite of our customers and they look great.

      Thanks for the question and your kind words. The wife will be back soon to save me 🙂

  2. Many years ago I used to sell Mary Kay products. I really enjoyed their products as nothing could compare to their product line. But now I don’t see anybody selling for Mary Kay anymore. You are the first person I have seen in a long time. I can see lots has changed. Thank you for the information, will be returning for ordering products.

    • Hi Jagi! Ok awesome we would love and appreciate your business.

      You can shop through my portal here! If you register as a Preferred customer you get discounts calculated at step 4 of checkout! All purchases get free shipping over $25

      I tell you. Mary Kay is still a great company. It is better than ever. They have upgraded a lot. There are about 3.4 Million Consultants world wide. I would assume at least half of them or more are in the United States.

      The Business is thriving. Not just my business but Mary Kay. Mary Kay is a top 5 MLM company in sales. So mane people are making income. Here I document just that!

      Mary Kay is doing better than many MLM ‘s

      I think because many Mary Kay Beauty Consultants may not be actually actively working their business and actively doing it online you might not see many people but there are many of us!

      But if they were working with me they would be actively working. Because they would be making money 🙂

  3. Love getting new product updates! My sister used to sell Mary Kay and I miss getting the latest and greatest updates from her. I’ve always loved their products, especially there perfume and lip gloss. This is a good website to keep handy. Thanks so much for sharing, looking forward to checking back.

  4. Hi there
    I have aways loved mary kay products, I use their facial scrub, body lotion, nail polish and my all time favorite has always been their lip gloss.
    Thanks for sharing the spring released products and tips, As said I love their lipgloss.As I do try to have minimum and barely there makeup to work, last year I found a lovely peach color lipgloss that did not even need much retouching during the day.
    Thanks for sharing, really appreciate, now I know exactly what product to purchase come spring.

    • HI Roamy thanks for stopping by again!. Glad you loved the lip gloss. I think it looks great myself :). Spring is such a fun times. It is great to have nice trappings around it


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