Save Your Best For Our Stage, Get Paid For Your Love Of Beauty

So What Am I looking For:

  • Great Character 
  • Beautiful Woman, That Means All Shapes and Colors 
  • Beauty is not measured on a Scale But from the Inside Out! 
  • Like Or Love Fashion
  • Like Or Love Beauty
  • Would Like To Be Promoted 
  • Would Like to Make Good to Great Income from Home 
  • Part Time,Very Part Time, Or Full Time 
  • Works Hard 
  • Willing To Have Fun, Fun is One of Our Top Rules
  • Willing to Work with a Creative and Skilled , Respectful Gentlemen who is Fair, Loves to Generously Compensate , and who is Looking for a Business Partner if we agree so
  • Be willing to Learn, I am willing to Teach
  • No Experience Necessary but is Very Welcome
  • Bring your Hobbies, Likes, and Loves. We will teach you how to Market them
  • I will teach you the Business for Free , So once this Beauty Bird is full grown, If she wants to fly off and do her own thing. I welcome it! 
You can Contact Cedric Or Text me @ 6165165452

We can chat and then set up a Phone Call to discuss the matter further. 

Do you know how much it bothers me when I am on Social Media to see so many beautiful ladies putting their pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like without getting paid for there Social Reach? 

I know that people post pictures for other things less superficial or more superficial than an income. Let ‘s face it. No pun intended. 

But the thing is that I wonder if they know that I can show them how to use their love for Beauty, Fashion, Cooking, or whatever their joy is to be a Beauty Blogger for my Two Beauty sites. 

Globe Glow Beauty which your on. 

Or my new site on an upgraded Platform Fashion Doll Beauty.

I am an expert in making money online. So I will put you in position to make the money and I pay well! 

How do you know if I am Good at my job? Well if you found this Blog Post I am pretty good. 🙂 

But I have other things I can share with you! 

You will also have an opportunity early on to become a Business Partner. 

Rather Make Money Online on your Own? Learn how I learned Step by Step with Wealthy Affiliate! 

Beauty Blogger Models Wanted

So What Do You Want From Me? I just take Pictures and Like To Dress

The very interesting thing of our lives. Is when we are sitting on a talent or something of value and have no idea that we are. 

Wendy just came out of the grocery store. 

Someone stops her on the way out as confetti flies and music plays and says. Hi, did you know that you are the 1000th person to shop our our store on our 50th Anniversary . 

You win a $2000 Shopping Spree. How do you feel? Uggh Surprised. What did I do to deserve this?

Nothing but just do what you do every week. Shop at our Grocery store and we appreciated. 

In this scenario Wendy was just being herself and she was rewarded for it. The Grocery Store had figured out a way to compensate her for simply doing what she normally does. 

That is exactly what I do as a Professional Blogger. I do all the hard work , the behind the scenes work and put us in position to succeed. 

You just take pictures , make short videos, and do a little blogging. 

One or all Three would be great for me. 

There will also be a Social Media component that will not pertain to your personal Social Media account unless you want it too. 

So we can go deep or stay on the outside. 

Keep It Simple Be A Woman, I got the rest

Ok I love money, taking care of my family, and charity. But what I could never be is a woman. So I got into the Beauty market. I love it because it is fun to see ladies happy and all dressed up and stuff. 

Don ‘t hate. 🙂 . 

So all I need is a few ladies to just be themselves. Blog your day , or your thoughts about fashion, a pop culture happening or your favorite food. 

Take a few selfies, buy a new outfit on the company. Do a review. 

That is the easy part because you are just being you. The hard part is what I do. Beating all the competition that is out there online in order to create a profitable business. 

But we can do it together!

So when I say that my Lady Beauty Blogger position is 

  • Keep It Simple Always
  • You being You! 
  • Very Rewarding
  • Not Time Consuming
  • Did I say Fun is like Our Biggest Rule? 

What we do is so simple I challenge you to tell me that what you are doing you don ‘t do in your normal life routine. 

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Blogging
  • Recommendations
  • Giving Opinions
  • Laughing
  • Talking 
  • Sharing 

If you are not doing any of those things in your Life Routine in some way shape or form . Then we are stretching you a little bit. 

I think for most it is simply a Convertible. Meaning you are on Social Media Writing, doing Pictures, Videos, Sharing, Recommending, Laughing, and Talking. 

Just not getting paid for it. 

So we do a Drop Top Convertible move and we convert those actions to our Website. I do the rest! 


I am Your Business in a Box SEO Expert

I am an Online Marketing Expert. I have about 5 years of Experience making websites and making money online. 

It would take you years to learn what I have learned. It will take you thousands of dollars and lots of hard work. 

So you just let me handle the All important Search Engine Optimization part. I will be blogging on the site as well. While you are the Beauty and the Brains. I guess I will be the Beast. 

BEAST MODE!!! Hey hey hey. Watch that. 🙂