My Favorite Weight Loss Products

Here I list my favorite Weight Loss Products

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Best Weight Loss Products

 Mom Taught Me Health and Weight Loss

It is the first of the year and many people are starting a new on their diets, health, and weight loss goals. Well I am no different. I am looking to do much better last year then I did this year.

Can I be honest with you? I let my work schedule, long term relationship stress, and bad eating habits wreck my weight. I am looking to lose about 80 pounds.

I carry it ok I guess. But my health and wellness is the big thing. Time to go back to what my mother taught me.

I am 41 years old now so I was a child in the 80’s. Yes it was my mom the health conscious person who I saw with the Jane Fonda records working out. The workout books. Yes Records and Books you millennials. 🙂

There were no such things as tablets and apps.

As I got older she purchased a Body by Jake workout machine. I love that machine!

Mom was never big on supplements. Only the regular supplements that you get from the store. When I went into business she used to love the Liquid Vitamins that I sold as well. The Calcium was here favorite.

New Day New Weight Loss Products!

But I guess as I got older my supplement game just exploded. The natural evolution of a health conscious kid. As the Health and Wellness industry exploded. So did the options of Vitamins and Supplements.

So I tried many of them. Now I have a good idea of what is the best out there. What works and what does not work.

So I am sharing with you my wealth of knowledge of weight loss products.

So today moms still sticks with her Walmart and drug store variety supplements, the Nutribullet Juicer along  with a good healthy diet and exercise to overcome her health ailments.

I do the Walmart supplement thing if I run out of Liquid Vitamins. So I do not shun them. I love my NutriBullet Juicer as well.

Mom tried the Iaso Tea and loved it. So she does try new things. That is cool. But I don’t expect her to be as wide ranging as me.

Great Tasting Weight Loss Coffee: YES PLEASE!!!

That picture above is not a picture of me. That is a picture to give us a visual of what many people are trying to do. Change their lives!

So I just ordered some Weight Loss Coffee from Total Life Changes.

I love this Coffee! It is called Delgada Coffee or Thin Coffee.

It tastes great! It makes me feel good. It stimulates fat burn and helps to curve appetite.

This product is a great product to help you in your total weight loss and good health goals of this year!

Delgada Weight Loss Coffee

It gives you 28 sachets of Instant Coffee that you only add 6-8 ounces of hot water too for best taste.

The cost is $54 or about $2.25 per cup of Coffee.

About $2.50 cheaper than a small Starbucks coffee drink of your choice.

Hey I love Starbucks. But it is not good for your waistline. It is mostly terrible for it.

On the other hand. This product is one of a kind. The Ganoderma and Advantra Z inside Delgada Coffee has wonderful weight loss properties.

Pro tip: I love Hazelnut in my coffee. Add your favorite creamer for some extra pzazz. Or go hard core and Black.

Or meet in the middle like I sometimes do and do half-and-half creamer with some whatever type of sugar or sweetener you would like to use.

When I do go regular creamer and sweetener i still enjoy it. I think the best coffees taste great even when you don ‘t go flavored creamer. This coffee certainly fits the build.

Best Weight Loss Coffee

While we are on coffee and weight loss. Another great option is Organo Gold Black Coffee. It also has Ganoderma in it. This coffee is also very good and unique. Add creamer or sweetener as you would like as well. It has bold and unique coffee taste. It makes me feel good!!!!

Can I share something with you? It helped me to get through a time of depression in my life. Every morning when I woke up. Or I should say every afternoon. Because I did not want to wake up till the afternoon sometimes. When I drank this coffee I noticed something. I felt like I could start my day.

It really helped me to feel better! I kept on drinking it and it did the same thing over and over. I must caution two things.

I do not know if it will do the same for you if you are depressed. But it did for me.

Also I only noticed this with the Black Coffee. Not the other types of Organo Gold coffees. Just a tip!

This is a great product to go along with my other favorite TLC product Iaso Weight Loss Tea.

I hope you enjoy it!