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Weleda Skin Food

Price $9.78

Weleda Skin Food

Highly Highly rated product found on Amazon.

Made for dry rough skin, faces, hands and feet.

BEU Skincare System

Price $200

Beu Skincare System

4 All Natural Products . 1 of which is pictured here. Made with ingredients like Manuka Honey, Jojoba Oil, Bee Venom, and Vitamin A. The Beu Skincare System has anti-aging, Cleansing, Moisturizing, and all around beauty as it ‘s reason for existing.

Learn more and Purchase it here

Jojoba Antiaging Serum

Beautiful new Palette from Mary Kay

A quote from one of the reviews ”

Game Changer

I’ve been a Mary Kay customer for nearly 30 years but I never loved the bulky compacts. This one fits easily into my purse and has a nice big m1rror. Love it! ”

This product has 4.8 Stars out of 9 reviews thus far

Price $18

Shop this product here : Shopping for Mary Kay products is easy! Visit my Mary Kay website for 24 hour shopping convenience

Avon Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment:

Regular Price $14 on sale right now for $7.99 Use Code WELCOME10 at checkout for an extra 10% off your purchase!

Created to keep our lips moist and plumb. A super add on is it can be worn alone or under a lip color.