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Newest Top Beauty E-Brochures

Hello and thank you for browsing our list of the Newest and Top Beauty E-Brochures. We hope that these brochures will assist you in your shopping and overall beauty education. At this time I have access to the Mary Kay and Avon E-Brochures.

I have to say that I love what both companies have to offer.

I am a Mary Kay Consultant and I am also an Avon Representative .

If you choose to purchase from my websites I thank you for your business!

Click this picture to browse or purchase: Skin Tone Brightener andΒ Moisturizer

Skin tone brightener Moisturizer
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Discounts on Purchases?

I love to offer discounts to my customers for their business. If you shop from my Avon Website please use the Code: WELCOME10 at checkout for an extra 10% Off your purchase.

If you shop from my Mary Kay website I am not allowed to promote discounts online. That is I cannot tell you if you will get a discount if your shopping through my Mary Kay website.

Two ways to know if you will receive a discount.

  1. Go to My Facebook Page and see my current Discount Offers
  2. Put some products in your Mary Kay Shopping cart and any Discounts for Free Shipping offers will then be displayed


I hope you have a great day and enjoy the Sunshine of life!

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Note: Mary Kay and Avon are two separate companies

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