Our Family Fun Adventures & Tips

Life is an adventure, make it so

Laugh, play, Relax

Get the Kids out of the House. Give Mom a Break. Dad it is time for you to Enjoy the Day. 

We encourage You to live EVERYDAY as an Adventure. Take the Time to Make as much of Your Month Special. 

This Has Great Spiritual , Physical, and Emotional Benefits.

This will also make your Business Better! So don’t be so serious all the time. 


Family Fun and Vacations
Family Fun

Expand Your Mind

It is not Good to Look at the Same Ole Things Every Single Day. For Children they look to Learn, Laugh, and Experience new things. Their minds are built to seek out and explore. 

To interact with their surroundings and try to understand the World around them. 

For Adults We Need To Reach Back and Nourish the Child inside of us. For our Mind, Bodies, and Spirits need that release of the Different! 

We will be sharing Tips on how to find diverse things to do in your own City , Home, Neighborhood, State, or World! 

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Family Fun Michigan Adventure

Search For the Good Life

My Definition of Life: The Search for Better. The Search For Better for Yourself. The Search For Better for Your Family, the Search for Better for Your Children. The Search for Better for Others!!! So what are We To Do About That? NEVER STOP SEARCHING FOR BETTER!!! Become a Pro at Looking for More. More Life. More Fun. More Stimulation! It 's a Human thing
Family Fun Michigan Adventure
Cedric Powell