So I just have a question. What in the world is going on with Stacey Dash? I just found out that this pretty lady has been married FOUR TIMES. Yes that is 1,2,3,4 Times. I am Clueless to why this might be.

See what I did there? Uh huh… Anyway, of course this comes up because Dash is newly married to one Jeffrey Marty. A 42 year old lawyer and avid Trump Supporter like Miss Dash. They tied the knot in April of 2018

I must admit I think she is a cutie. But I promise you I am not going to give her a break today.

As a man who has has suffered in an one sided marriage where there was no conflict resolution. I wants to help others to see her 4th marriage as a chance to diagnosis why relationships especially marriages fell.

There has to be an reason right? People just don ‘t get divorced for no reason. Do they? Well of course not. There is a reason why Marriages fell.

This is why I think Stacey Dash Marriages have failed.

  • She’s a Celebrity
  • She should of Married a Tyler Perry Movie/Play Character
  • She needs to see a Psychologist
  • She needs to Pick Someone Who Can Handle her Crazy
  • Be Careful when your marry, Your a Celebrity
  • Her husband seems like a jerk
  • Stacey Might Think that She is Better than Others, I don ‘t know #Sarcasm

Ok I know nothing about Stacey Dash ‘s relationships or her husbands. But what I do know is that men meet her and they say… I ‘m good. So I look to her outlandish public demenaro and statements and I say to myself. Hmmm. That could be a relationship problem.

You think?

My Case Against Stacey Dash’s Demeanor

No I am not a Liberal hater with an ax to grind on Mrs. Dash. I am actually a Black Conservative who can ‘t stand people of color like Kanye West and Stacey Dash who make Black Conservatives look like fools.

Slavery was a choice Kanye? We should not have Black History Month Stacey? We can do without BET. But can we keep Black History month?

When arrested and booked she reportedly put her race down as White by the way. That is one other reason why I have a problem with Miss Dash.

Outlandish statements like this by Dash and the reports of her First Husband singer Christopher Williams of her blunt way of presenting her case. Is a huge red flag for any relationship

Relationships need to be handled with Love and tenderness. When you have a relationship confrontation. How are you going to handle it? Are you going to be blunt and the smartest person in the room. Making others feel bad about themselves just so you can win the argument and feel superior?

Your Stacey Dash… Or are you going to humble yourself before your spouse. Man or woman ok. This is not a male or female thing. Humility will get you a long way in your relationship and marriage.

You need more than a Pretty face and acting career.


While researching this Blog I found out some important information:

Your Past Matters in your Marriage: Stacey’s Childhood Abuse and Struggles

I found out some information from Stacey ‘s past that might be the biggest clue to why Stacey is in such short relationships. So the lady on a Youtube video breaking down Stacey Dash ‘s arrest for domestic violence says that Stacey ‘s dad was Asian. My wife then says no her dad was black. At the time I did not have time or interest in checking that.

But I just did, and it looks like yes Stacey ‘s dad was African American. But the big thing is what else I found. Stacey had a very tough childhood. Which included being molested and drug abuse in her teen years.

She went through times in her life where she wanted to commit suicide. Wow. I am writing this blog not to throw Stacey Dash under the bus and to character assassinate her. But to warn others of how you can destroy your Relationship, Family, Marriage and Children.

By not getting help and healing for whatever happened in your childhood. Then carrying those things into your relationships. Without knowing Dash or her Husbands. I think that is what might of happened.

When I said she needed a Psychologist. I was probably right. But even more so, she probably needs to see the Great Physician. JESUS CHRIST. I know that he has healed me and helped me through many tough things in my life.

I feel sorry for her. I pray for her. But she is a grown woman now. She has to make better decisions. Let me continue to break this down for you.

Hurt People Hurt People

What I would want to know is. Does Stacey use her past hurt and struggle as an excuse to hurt other people? Is it a form of manipulation? On top of that , if you have survived something bad and then make it big. You can be the biggest monster. Because you might think that you have some super powers that others do not.

Just because you have been through hurt and struggles does not mean that you can inflict terror on others. That had to be said.

Marry Someone Who Can Handle Your Crazy

Everybody has something about them that is crazy. I guess that is right. Ok let me put it another way. What is it that you do or apart of your personality that you are not changing that your future spouse just has to deal with or it is going to be a problem?

Before you get married they need to know what about you is insane or crazy.

  1. Let your Perspective Spouse know that you are Crazy
  2. Figure out if they are strong enough to deal with your Crazy
  3. Is your perspective spouse a good fit for your crazy? Or will you clash with them and end of in jail for domestic violence
  4. Are you willing to seek help for your crazy?
  5. Can your spouse minister to or help you with your crazy?
  6. Can your spouse live with your crazy. Ignoring your crazy cause you just crazy

These are important questions to answer if you have been married more than twice.

There are two people in a marriage. You have to do a pretty good job of looking at your dating partner and saying… How tough is their crazy armour. Are we a good fit?