Shop Avon Online : New Mediterranean Olive Oil Planet Spa

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Shop Avon Online : New Mediterranean Olive Oil Planet Spa

Enhance your beauty regimen with Avon ‘s New Mediterranean Olive Oil Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Trio. Easy to use and created with the high standards of the Avon bath , body, and beauty team. The company that has brought you Skin So Soft and Footworks are at it again. With their new invention the Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Heavenly Hydration Trio is the next great step in comfort and body care. Shop Avon Online here to purchase the trio on sale for $24 .

Olive Oil Planet Spa Set

This Olive Oil Planet Spa Set is complete with a gentle body scrub, a body spray, an a body cream. You can purchase these products separately or together as a set. To find out more about this body set or other Planet Spa Body sets go to my Avon site .


Skin Hydration

If you are a person with dead dry skin. It can be such an uncomfortable feeling whether you are working , relaxing, or going about your daily chores. In comes Avon’s new Heavenly Hydration set with our Mediterranean theme to put relaxation at the head of the table. Whether you choose to start your day with this body care set or end it off with this soothing team of home spa. You’re in great hands.

Quality Skin Hydration Ingredients 

By using the best quality ingredients Avon believes that it has indeed created a Heavenly Hydration set. With Mediterranean ingredients like Olive Fruit oil , Shea Butter and Olive Leaf Extract Avon is bringing the sweet breeze and comfort of the Mediterranean to you.


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