Nail growth!! Amazing

Since I was young I remember my mother telling me…you don’t need to wear make up your beauty is natural.  But being young and dumb, I didn’t really listen.  Now that I’ve gained some knowledge and wisdom.  That old saying is so correct. Listen to your mother.  I do not wear make up on my face nor do I go to the nail salon.

Our hands is just like our facial skin, it’s one of the first things people tend to notice.  Yes, you can see if a person bites their nails or gets them done because we tend to use our hands for different forms of communication so maybe that is why we feel we need to keep them looking beautiful.  So nail salon here we come. 

I first start noticing that I needed to stop going to the nail salon when my natural nail started feeling irritated and soar due to all of the sanding down that is done to your natural nail.  Most females think that their nail underneath is protected and growing but even after soaking the fake nail off, the nail that had grown underneath are paper-thin.  I needed to get back to growing my nails naturally. 

My mother having long and strong beautiful nails till this day had never ever gone to the nail salon.  She was a firm believer in being self-sufficient. “You must always know how to upkeep yourself” she would always say so learning to be self-sufficient was a lesson I learned early.   So when I had seen the damage I had done to my natural nail, I remembered the the best basic at home nail routine that she always used to keep her nails strong and long.  1. File them down giving them a natural nail shape 2.  Clean the cuticles 3.  Keep them moisturized with coconut oil 4. Apply nail hardener. I use the same basic at home nail routine hoping my nails would grow stronger and longer and after 3 months I seen a dramatic difference in the strength and the length.  The nail care near me was at home!!  My nails looked and felt amazing!!

                                    Now my daughter sits with me every Sunday and I find myself explaining the same self-sufficient story


                                                                                 So what is this miracle hardener?

Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails and Sally Hansen’s Xtreme wear gloss and color– America’s #1 nail brand. 

If you need to toughen up weak, fragile nails, reach for Hard as Nails.  This is one of SH original strengthener. This nail hardener have a unique blend of Film-formers that shields the nail, for long-lasting protection against chipping, splitting and cracking. If you want your nails to grow longer and stronger, Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails is definitely your go to nail clinic in a bottle.  I apply to my bare nails and under nail tips once a week.  I sometimes use Hard As Nails alone because it does have a great shine and also comes in a natural tint or I wear it as a strengthening base coat for when I use Hard As Nails Xtreme wear nail color  This is a must-have for anyone who wants to get longer, stronger nails that shine, growing your nails naturally! Step into your always-open nail spa.

If you nails are extremely damage try Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener 3

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