Tyra Banks Makeup Sale: Limited Edition Set

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If you are shopping for new beauty and cosmetic products I recommend this Tyra Beauty Makeup Sale! More beauty excellence from your friend Tyra Banks. I have some information on how to purchase a very nice beauty set from Tyra Beauty. This special set comes with a very attractive and fun Blush, Eyeshadow , and Matte Lipstick.

This set is regular price $62 but is on sale for only $49. That is 20% Off! 



I love Tyra Beauty because she is always working on new products and new ways to connect with her customers and fans. Her products really connect with the stylish classy women who wants to stand out and feel great no matter what the setting. Work, home, date night, or party time.

What’s more is that these Tyra ‘s products are made for quick easy application. If you have never tried Tyra ‘s Beauty products this Limited Edition set is the perfect set for you to see the quality and fun that Tyra brings to the beauty market.

This sale is made for you!


So what is in the bag? In this Tyra Beauty bag are three great products that bring great synergy to your beauty regimen. Use them together or separate.

Tyra ‘s Fashion-able Blush: A Featherweight smooth application Blush in a great peach

Tyra Banks Makeup Sale
Tyra Beauty & Makeup











Tyra ‘s Baby Got Matte Lipstick and Eyes in a Stick Eye Shadow:

Tyra Banks Makeup Sale
Tyra Banks Makeup Sale



It is a joy to share my love of beauty, skincare and cosmetics with you through Tyra Beauty products. Here you can find out how to save on your Tyra Beauty Products . The more you buy the more you save. Qualify for free products and money off!!!

Happy shopping and Happy life!


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