What is a Primer & Why Should I Use it

What is a Primer? Primer products
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Of all the beauty products and tools that woman have to create a beauty masterpiece there is one that is seems to be underestimated and just maybe underused. This product is the Cosmetic Primer. The question will come up and many will ask just what is a primer.

A primer can be considered the foundation that is laid before you put on your foundation or used in tandem with your moisturizer in order to make everything better. It can be a piece of beauty insurance for some depending on your skin type or a a beauty add on for others. This is much based on your skin chemistry with the type / choice of cosmetics or skincare products.

Like an add on deck to a nice house your primer adds something missing and special to your chosen look. But sometimes a good primer can be the beauty tool that saves the day and turns a beauty disaster into a workable situation. Let’s examine this further.

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                                                                               HOW DO PRIMERS WORK?  

What is a Primer and Why should I use it?
What is a Primer and Why should I use it?

Cosmetic Primers are like the glue that holds everything together just a little longer. When we were children and we worked on our Science projects we used glue to keep our masterpieces together. Ok well they were not that great all the time 🙂 . But without the glue our projects would not of been complete.

Likewise a good Cosmetic Primer can be just the thing to allow your foundation and moisturizer to last longer. By bonding all of the elements together longer. The great thing is that you will save money on foundation and other beauty products because you will have to use less of it in order to get the look that you are wanting.

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Primers are also great for getting the perfect look. By using a primer in conjunction with your regular beauty regimen. Primers can help to even out imperfections in your skin.

It also brings out the best in your other cosmetics and skincare products. Giving your beauty look the synergy that we are looking for on that important night out or party where we want to look our absolute best and not worry about a cosmetic beauty fail. A good primer adds confidence to your beauty regimen.

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Do Primers help with Wrinkles?

One of the amazing things that I found out while working with cosmetics and skincare over the years is that primers also help to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles or large pores.

Primer can color correct rosacea and conceal acne spots. With such great and long reaching abilities the primer is sure to add some beauty strength to your skincare and cosmetics team.


Another very interesting thing that primer helps with is extreme cold or extreme hot weather. A good primer helps to keep your makeup together for a longer time.

Some primers are made just with the hot weather in mind and they help your keep your skin nice and healthy.

What is a primer and why should I use it?


6 thoughts on “What is a Primer & Why Should I Use it”

  1. I have always looked at primers in the shops but was never quite sure how they work.
    By adding primer after moisturizer and make up doesn’t it created a caked look? Is it a serum texture? Can I use it over moisturizer alone?
    I apologize for all the questions but I am really curious about this and after reading your review I am going to give it a go.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your questions. Before I do my post I try to research as much as possibly can. There are so many different priming and moisturizer products out there it would depend on the product. I have seen beauty experts expouse both ways depending on the product and I am sure depending on the skin type.

      You are asking the right questions. It can be confusing and that is where your Beauty Consultant would come in and consult you on what would work better. I suggest a visit to an awesome place like Sephora or a sit down with a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant .

      My wife is a beauty consultant I will ask her if the Prime Candidate product is a serum or not or if Mary Kay has Serum Primers. Because Primers come in different types those questions would be important.

  2. Great well written informative articles. Yes, cosmetic primers are the most underrated beauty products. I use the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer which you can get at Sephora (the jumbo 60ml is the best deal) and it’s the only primer that I will ever use. It sets my base just right and my matching foundation from the same brand last so much longer. It’s also water-resistant and makes my foundation transfer-proof.

    I also recently discovered eye lash primers and my favourite is Urban Decay’s Subversion Lash Primer. I have long natural lashes and I find that the primer stops my mascara from clumping when I apply it.

    What are your top recommended face primers?

  3. Thanks a lot for your helpful information! I have been looking for ages for a primer that is suitable for my skin. My skin is really really dry. Can you suggest a suitable primer for me from Mary Kay? This is the first time I know about this brand. Again, thanks you so much!


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